September 30, 2010


Sometimes | Every so often | Now and then | On occasion...

Reject unsolicited advice 
Roll your eyes 
Tell a fib 
Take a pajama day 
Pretend to know the answer
Skip your daily vitamin 
Eat sugary, tooth rotting cereal 
Brood like a 13 year old girl 
Believe the world does revolve around you
Crack those knuckles 
Talk back 
Hide under a rock 
Wear your heart under your sleeve
Tell positive Patty to take a hike 

The key word is sometimes. I'm always wary of people who appear too perfect, too put together. Those people who need to declare that their "life is great" or their "relationship is amazing," whether it be blabbing in person or creating an image online. If you constantly have to validate yourself to others, how great can things really be?

We're human and people who pretend otherwise will break down. You can't hide from feelings, they will build up eventually. I'm working on my own journey and no matter how grateful I am for the many blessings in my life, some days it's harder to realize it. I want to be honest on Not A Model. I don't want to tell my readers to 'grin and bear it' if I'm not doing the same. Sometimes all those fluffy, positive messages don't mean a thing if you're faking it.

It's okay to accept the bad and embrace the utter confusion. The path is not always marked with lemon-hued bricks, and sometimes there is a witch trying to mess you up along the way. You don't always have to fake the smile, at least not everyday. The point is to believe that even if your 'right now' seems completely useless, disappointing or frustrating, it is where you're supposed to be. 

Sometimes you have to let it all go, to gain it all back. 

Don't worry, Positive Patty will forgive you.


  1. People who act like they have it all together definately make me question if they are really just hiding the truth.

    ps. Positive Patty? haha love it

  2. sometimes I feel like your writing is speaking directly at me.
    this is not to be confused as being self-involved, but to show you the quality of a great writer. Only great writers can do that.