September 8, 2010

Off The Map

I prefer holding the pen and clicking the shutter, but cue the nerves because I'm about to stand in the spotlight. 

When Off the Map webzine contacted me to feature Not A Model in their Fall 2010 "Regeneration" issue, I was flattered to say the least.

I discovered OTMzine through reading some articles linked from people on Twitter. I was blown away by the clean, professional layout of the magazine and the budding Toronto talent they featured.

Editors Tara and Aimee are hardworking, innovative and they exude a sense of professionalism way beyond their years. Everyone made me feel comfortable (a difficult feat considering how camera shy and awkward I was) and I was impressed by the chatty, upbeat people working diligently together. An extra special shout-out to photographer Alice and make-up artist Cat who had their hands full.

So how does it feel to be on the other side of the notepad?

I felt a variety of emotions including: terrified, excited, happy, nervous...they all seemed to mesh together. My spandex dress seemed like a great outfit pick at home, but added extra pressure once I arrived. I bounced around and tried to "work the camera" in my tight, short, leggy ensemble while trying to remain classy (translation: keep everything under wraps) as a bunch of people stared. It definitely took work.

I'll admit I was nervous to see the final product, but I can positively say that I am happy with the end result. I knew I was in great hands. I hope that the message of my blog comes through in the article, titled "Breaking the Mold" written by the fantastic Bronte Martin.

Below are photos from the shoot with credit given to photographer Alice Xue.

I encourage you to check out the "Regeneration" issue (my interview is on page 56) and the teaser trailer.  The bloggers, musicians, models, actors and writers that are featured are incredible. I can't wait for the winter launch. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting Not A Model and for all the positive comments and feedback. You all keep me going! xo