September 23, 2010

Not A Model Street (uhh Subway) Style

While waiting for the subway, I noticed 20 year old Ting Zhang, as she brushed by me. Her cozy ash grey sweater, mismatched tights and stunning facial structure caught my attention.

I'll admit I'm still not used to approaching strangers for photographs, and Zhang was super shy and a bit apprehensive. I told her she could say no, as I handed her one of my mini- business cards. Zhang is from China and moved to Toronto to study first year management at The University of Toronto. 

When she finally agreed, she sweetly said, "Well, if you think I'm beautiful enough to have my picture taken, then sure." I think her photo speaks for itself.

Sweater: from China
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Birkenstock
Purse: Zara 


  1. Wow great picture! I have to say, you are so courageous - I have the biggest fear of approaching strangers!!

  2. Thanks Carla! I'm trying to get over my fear too, it's still nerve wracking every time!

  3. found you on 20sb and absolutely love your blog! following you in the future :)

  4. this poor girl was probably thinking "crazy canadian" haha... hopefully she checks this out and realizes you're legit because not just anyone is on notamodel! :)