September 17, 2010

Not A Model Photo Diary

After a few text heavy posts, I decided to launch Not A Model's first photo diary. I have tons of random photographs I'd love to share, that may not always fit with the theme of my written posts. This could be the start of many more to come. Enjoy!

Treat yourself.
My fix? Single espresso macchiato & a chocolate toffee biscotti.

Learn something new like baby Daniel who learned to sit-up all by himself!! 
Laugh. Grab a friend. Turn your insides out until it hurts. Embrace the wrinkles. 
Go natural like this tomato from my grandfather's garden. 100% fresh. 100% goodness.
Let Go. Step outside the lines. Be a little crazy. Just a little. Now compose yourself...

Here's some advice worth taking: Have a great weekend! xx