September 6, 2010

Eat That Muffin Top

In university my roommates used to gently tease me about my legs.

"Chicken legs" was my nickname. I was the shortest of the bunch and my gams definitely didn't graze rooftops. Even when I was a little girl, I remember the bandages hanging off my knobby knees and gangly limbs. However, I never paid attention until people pointed them out to me in a negative way.

I began to think, "Maybe my legs are really unattractively skinny." 

Now hear this. A week ago, one of my best friends told me that she requested to her personal trainer (a friend of ours) that she wanted legs just like mine. What?! It can be said that body types can be perceived like art, 'another person's treasure can be another person's trash.' 

Upcoming Fall 2010 fashion has taken a turn to embrace the more "voluptuous" woman. This essentially means embracing large breasts, small waists and wide hips. If you happen to fall into that category you can breathe a sigh of double D relief. If you don't, you can head to your nearest lingerie shop.

It can be frustrating for some, yet liberating for others when the 'fashion world' decides to embrace a new form of woman. 

What matters though is health. How do you feel about your body? Are you trying to achieve a certain standard? Why are you trying to attain this look?

It is easy to bash and critique your body. Everyone has areas they don't like. It may even be easier to scrutinize other people, models or celebrities. When I look at my legs, I've learned to love them. I'm proud of them. Sure they're skinny and short in length, but they also have tone and muscle from running. Beyond aesthetics, I appreciate that my legs take me places.

I was involved in a car accident last week. It was pretty traumatic but thankfully everyone was okay. I did sprain my neck and still have to wear a really attractive neck collar, but the experience taught me two things:

1. Things could always be worse
2. My neck is really important. Every other simple task feels challenging when one part of your body is out of whack.

Therefore, try and be grateful for every inch of your body. Fuel it well. Work it. Understand it. Accept it. Once you do, there is nothing anyone can say that will make you love it less.

Now that's always in-style.

[photo cred Stefania Sgambelluri]


  1. this post is so funny, because i actually told mil how large your calves are! (that day when we passed each other on king but you didnt see me...) i've had chicken legs my whole life - never wore my kilt in high school, was so embarrassed - and i have an obsession with really toned legs and calves, and i think your legs are SO SHAPELY! your calves are big and hard (i wish). i wouldn't ever consider them chicken legs, not at all. but maybe i need to take a better look at them? or maybe its true we all perceive ourselves and others in different ways.

  2. I happen to hate that I have long legs because I have a short torso to go along with them. If that doesn't make someone feel unproportional I don't know what will be happy you have a great, well-proportioned body!

  3. It doesn't seem to matter what size you are - skinny, short, tall, wide - we (and others) will always pick apart our imperfections. Kids always seem to have it the worst too. I remember in grade 3 I was made fun of for having too skinny ankles - skinny ANKLES!! What a strange thing to pick at; and of course I didn't think anything was wrong with them until they pointed it out. Now, however I'm quite happy with my 'skinny' ankles. I wouldn't want them any other way.

  4. I loved reading these comments! Thanks for sharing your personal stores and struggle with body image!

    It is true we all can't see what others see! Stay positive & healthy :)

    Thanks for the words.