August 2, 2010


I WANT: (desire, wish for, hope for, aspire to, fancy, care for, like; long for, yearn for, crave, hanker after, hunger for, thirst for, cry out for, covet; need.)  

  • to have every single answer in that big book titled: "LIFE." flip through each chapter and cram like I'm studying for an exam. number 2 pencil. multiple choice.

  • to not have a single answer and live every day. minute by minute. not a moment sooner. go with the flow. indulge in the present moment. if someone says, 'future' not understand what exactly they mean.

  • to feel everything a little too much. no time for words or rationality. just feelings. all in excess. decisions determined by goosebumps or quickened heartbeats.

  • to mend the broken heart of my favourite person. sow it back together with string. nice and strong. fast forward and show her just how great everything will be. she's perfect. as is.  

  • to tell every young girl that she can eat that full bag of popcorn. play sports. conquer the world. oh and that snot-nosed twerp who doesn't like her will end up bald and working in a tiny cubicle one day. 

  • to just know.

  • a new camera to take photos with. one that will snap. snap. snap. everything around me. more real than real life. document it all. print photos and blow them up as posters. give them as gifts.

  • to travel to a place where I'm unknown. speaking a language like poetry. everyone lives by the beach. where food is made by old ladies in a tiny kitchen who will affectionately call me 'Mandy' every time I walk in. 

  • to write something that will inspire. something that will appear on a big screen. something that people will snuggle beside with on a train or have a conversation over coffee about.

  • to walk by a group of strangers with self- assurance and direction and hear them say, "Who is that girl?"
Let's get back on track shall we? New posts, material and thoughts to come! Until then I ask, What do you want?


  1. this is good

    i wish i have that book too , then it will be easier to understand life

    and i want a new camera too

    i like it when you write' speak a language like poetry'

    sigh , it will be nice if money is no object , then all my dreams will come true :)

    have a nice day

    with ♥


  2. thanks for the comment & the follow Jasmine! :)

  3. at this present moment all I want is to see you because I'm HOMEEE! Call me when you wake up!