August 5, 2010

My Shorts Get High & Waisted

The best purchase I made this summer was cheaper than an issue of Vogue.*

I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of high waisted shorts but my search felt impossible. Fit was always an issue, as was cost. Unwilling to give up, I went to Value Village and alas found my match. I fastened the last button of the $4.99 steal and they fit just right. My alter ego (who has a shaggy haired rock star boyfriend) probably wore them to a sweaty summer concert many moons ago.

I usually would just take a photo of the shorts, but I decided to include me in them. With blogging comes the territory of being known and shown. I'm getting used to this idea (albeit it only took 10 months) for me to warm up to the lens. I also believe I should "practice what I preach" and embrace my own imperfections or what makes me different. The best way to show who I am besides through writing is with photography.

Today, my mom and sister giggled at the large mass of springy, frizzy curls flying off my head. I went outside for an afternoon soak, let my hair dry naturally and got dressed. No make-up. No styling products.

This is what happened. This is always what happens.
Embrace your quirks and what makes you different. It may not fit in with a standard that was created by someone else, but it was never about them anyway.

*an issue of Vogue in Canada is $5.99


  1. Whoa, those shorts are killer. Great find, and deal. And girl, your hair is the stuff dreams are made of. Holy shit, it is awesome!

  2. your right! the quirks are what makes us different! its funny how when I look at your pictures of your hair I'm like ohmygah her hair is so beautiful.. and we have very similar hair.. but when I look at mine I'm scared to death!

  3. Quirks are my favourite part about someone. It's what makes them, them.

  4. dear amanda,

    myself, and the hair gods, are just wondering why on earth you don't let your hair just be like this EVERY DAY? it makes no sense. look at it. it's perfect.

    i'm dying. of. jealousy.

    this is a great post. i love the shorts, VV is sometimes too good to be true.

    you dont ever need to feel like you shouldnt be photographed. ESPECIALLY with a mane like that.


  5. i can't get over how cute those shorts are!

  6. omg amazing shorts! i've been looking for some like that for the longest time, where else did you spot them?

  7. Great find! I should check out Value Village.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    It was a long back and forth thought process before I decided to post these pictures. Grateful for the positive feedback!

  9. I think your hair is absolutely amazing!!

  10. you are way too cute for words. love the outfit! You used to wear your hair like this all the time when we were younger and then you discovered hair products..tisk tisk

  11. Did you seriously just let it dry naturally with no products, and that's how that masterpiece came to be?!?

    As a curl girl, I am always searching for tips on the perfect hair... so I'm supremely curious as to your exact steps to get those stunning locks!

  12. I think it's a mix of whatever is in my dry hair, mixed with the chlorine and air dried by the sun and humidity that really expands it, and sets off the curls.

  13. Those shorts are adorable!

    And just so you know, your hair is utterly amazing! I am completely and totally jealous. :)