August 28, 2010

Mermaid Living

Hello dear readers!

Just a heads up, Not A Model is heading to where those Laguna Beach kids go on Spring Break. Yes, I'm off to Cabo San Lucas to live the life of a mermaid for a week! Well, a mermaid who has dancing feet at night and who sips pina coladas by day.

It's time for a little break. I'm ready to unwind, hang with my favourite girls (minus a few) and take in my surroundings. I want to breathe in some ocean air and maybe get some writing done. When travelling I always bring the essentials: music, reading materials, journal & camera. I can't wait to dig into all those September issues and my latest novel, "Water for Elephants. That issue of Vogue is weighing down my carry-on though.

Need a Not A Model fix while I'm gone?

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I hope you all enjoy the last week of August, which to some is unofficially the last week of summer! When I return it will be September, which signifies a new year in a way. Change is coming...hold on tight.


  1. That issue of Fashion is LOOOVE. I am sending it to my friend in Australia!

  2. I loved reading Water for Elephants! I know you will too :)

  3. Meg, the issue of FASHION was great for Fall 2010!

    Kelly, I absolutely loved Water for Elephants, one of the best books I've read in awhile.

  4. "I'm ready to unwind. I want to breathe in ocean air and get some writing done. I always bring the essentials: music, reading materials, journal & camera."

    ....let's just say the unwinding/relaxing plan for this vacation was thrown out the window--partyyy all day in Cabo! You missed out on 20 minutes of poolside fun by attempting to read ur novel one day. I was not productive with my books or "thinking time" to say the least.
    DTP ALL DAY haha