August 13, 2010

Crack Your Head Open

I never. 

I'm not referring to that ridiculous drinking game where people pretend they're more promiscuous than anyone actually ever is. Lately, I think it is important to reject the "I never" statement. It's the cliche saying, "Never say never.." but if you set yourself up saying you'll never do something, you essentially cut yourself off from life's experiences. 

Same goes for the word 'hate.' You know those people who seem to hate everything. I hate asparagus, I hate long hipster beards, I hate people who like vampire movies.. etc.

Here's the thing. Everyone has their own tastes, likes and dislikes. If you really don't like something, that's your prerogative. However, if you've never touched it, tasted it, watched it, talked to it, or TRIED IT then I can't back you up. 

How do you know what you really like unless you try it out? People are meant to change. We are constantly in a state of moving, evolving, growing up and expanding.

I find examples of this in my everyday life. For example, I used to hate running, yet I now run almost everyday and can't find another form of exercise that better clears my mind. Also, while I used to dislike rap music, I now listen to more rap music than any petite-can't-throw-a-punch-took-too-many-women-studies-courses-suburban-girl ever should.

Open your mind to new things. New people. New experiences.

If you introduce yourself to that dude with the hipster beard, he may turn out to be the absolute love of your life. Granted, he may give you a rash every time you make-out, but it may be worth it. At least try. If you try and absolutely hate something, then go ahead and spray paint "I never" on your walls. 

Just don't turn down my buttered asparagus. You won't know what you're missing.

Now if you're rolling your eyes at my peppy, positive, motivational speaker type jargon clearly you need to try something being happy? Trust me, you'll like it.


  1. I like this post. A lot.

    I agree with you 100%. I find so many people are closed minded when it comes to anything that for them is uncharted territory. The bearded man who could be the love of your life, I love that, because it couldn't be more true. Sure he might be a dick, but how can you know unless you give him a chance?

    I think experiencing things you dont know/like/agree with can only enhance who you are. If only for learning what not to be, or figuring out what doesn't work for you. And like you say, saying you hate something/someone is only a justified response once you've actually experienced it/them first hand. (Even though I don't believe in really hating a person, it's not worth the emotional stress.)

    Also, I'd like to add to your encouraging point about exercising (kudos by the way, good on you for keeping that up!) - I used to say believe that I wasn't a morning person, and that I could only work out at night. However, being forced to leave my house early to avoid traffic got me to work early enough to squeeze in a morning work out. So now, I've decided that I'd rather spend my time productively and exercise instead of sitting in traffic for an hour, and I absolutely love it. I feel that it gives me so much energy for the day and when my shift is over, I get to go home and relax and not worry about getting a work out in. Who would have thought that I could do this? I never did. But now that I'm in the routine, I can no longer say I hate exercising in the morning. Precisely the opposite in fact.

    So you're right about it - people should be brave and just TRY things.

    "It's a hard parade, just, be courageous." (as sung by Emily Haines on the BSS bside album).


  2. it's important to hear a little motivational speaker type jargon every now and then! it's what i love to see on blogs, especially. a life lesson like this one is never to old to repeat, because sometimes a little positive reinforcement is all you need!

  3. I say I hate everything without trying it. It's a really bad habit. I'm slowly changing this about myself but it's definately hard. It's embarassing to admit but I hate things because I'm afraid of trying them. Now I just tell myself "SUCK IT UP! What's the worst that can happen?"

  4. These comments are fantastic! Thank you girls!

    Also, Claudia I think it's amazing that you work out in the morning, that is a feat all its own! xo