August 27, 2010

Admit it, your neck is lonely

Elena Tari will make the world colourful again.

Tari is a Fashion Design student at Ryerson University, heading into her third year. At 20 years old, Tari explains she was first into drawing and painting before she got into fashion.

"Fashion is like art, you have an idea and sketch it out in the same way," she says. 

She enjoys pop art (as I could tell by the giant mural on her wall) and her favourite designers are Betsey Johnson and Gwen Stefani. She started creating her own designs when she took a sewing class in high school. "I like designers who use lots of colour," she says.

Despite her talent Tari is a little too modest, "I'm not interesting enough for an interview," she insists. I beg to differ. Her positive demeanour (she's always smiling) and bright outlook on her craft is inspiring. My eyes didn't know where to look as I wandered around her basement studio.
Her most recent project is a scarf line that came about from her desire to use up all the extra pieces of fabric she had lying around. At the interview, I explained to her how I recently tried on a scarf made from the flimsiest material priced at $98.00! Tari's scarves are fun, handmade and best of all they come at a price that is economical. For only $10-$15 you can own one of her designs.
That's less than a week's worth of coffee!! I scooped up the army green t-shirt material one with the beads. I can't wait to bust it out for fall.

If interested in owning one for yourself, or for more information or customization contact her at: 

Trust me your neck will thank you! 


  1. Elena assists my moms preschool class at al pal! I had no idea she was a designer! So cool. I want the second last one, so nautical.

  2. Her stuff is really cute! Good for her!

  3. The scarves are fantastic. I already wore my new one!

  4. Love ur scarves El! I will definately be ready for one soon :) Keep it up-you rock.