July 5, 2010

Triple Treat

While I've talked about the negative side of being a cafe reviewer, I thought I'd share with Not A Model readers some of the things I love about being a caffeinated grasshopper.

Some of my reviews can be classified as "mini adventures." They take a lot of coordinating, planning, moving and shaking to make it all come together.  First and foremost, I couldn't do any of it without my photography partners in crime Stefania & Cory. 

We go through the awkward mix-ups (Is this the right address? Where is the entrance?) the haphazard travelling (they deserve awards for putting up with my Mario Cart driving) and the grueling decision making process (should we try a double chocolate cherry or oatmeal banana cookie?) together.

I've learned to remember their idiosyncrasies such as that Stef loves lattes, preferably vanilla or green tea, and while Cory dislikes hot coffee he will drink iced coffee if he can add 45 spoonfuls of sugar. They've learned to put up with my bossiness (shoot this, send me those photos by this time) and my old school grandmother ways (you eat the last bite, here take this for the road).

Most of all they both make me laugh and we always walk away with a story. Afterwards, I'm positively buzzing long after the caffeine is out of my system. So here are three of our most recent blogTO reviews; enjoy even if you don't live in Toronto:

Little Nicky's Coffee (375 Queen St. W) 
Two words: Mini Donuts. The smell alone will get you and I bet Homer Simpson would be a regular. Can you spot me in action writing in my notebook? I'm dressed for business because we had to fit this in on our lunch breaks. Success. [credit: Cory VanderPloeg]
Ella's Uncle (916 Dundas St. W)
Walk in and ask for the "Crack Cookie," they'll know what you're talking about. Chocolate, toffee, caramel, need I say more? [credit: Stefania Sgambelluri]
Dutch Dreams (78 Vaughan Rd)
We took a break from caffeine and hit up the most unusual, claustrophobic, fun-house of an ice cream shop. Try the famous grape-nut flavour (left) it won't disappoint. [Credit: Cory VanderPloeg]
So thank you Sgams & CV, I'm not sure how much longer we'll be on this journey together but so far it's been pretty darn sweet. (pun intended)


  1. I wish I could eat icecream bc this looks amazing

  2. It was amazing until it dripped down and melted all over my hands!