July 4, 2010

Not A Model Street Style

Street style blogging can be labeled a mini phenomenon.

Influential bloggers like Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist or Dejana Bajic from Shopsterium focus the lens on people who would never be chosen for a stylized photo shoot. Through their photographs, they expand the strict guidelines of what, or who is considered fashionable.

Keeping with the theme of this blog I've decided to start recruiting some Not A Model Street Style. Everyday I walk by people wearing the most incredible outfits (at 8 a.m. may I add) and they represent everything that Not A Model is about.

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to be the "next anything" when it comes to blogging and I know there are some street style blogs that will put my blog to shame. I just want to try and bring my readers the beauty and originality I see in my daily life.

First up: Amalia Ramirez.

I went to PR school with Amalia and bumped into her on the street a couple of weeks ago. I was coming back from a blog interview (hence the sign) and I begged to photograph her. She has incredible, quirky style that takes thought and creativity to pull off. I mean, check out those pants! 

Does this mean I will be carrying around a Not A Model sign everywhere I go? Maybe. So if you see a girl charging at you with determination, don't worry I'm really friendly.

Get ready for your close-up.


  1. Neat idea, love it!!!


  2. LOVE this!!! Ahhh, keep this up, maybe you can make it a weekly thing?? Thoughts??

    Amalia is so fashionable, love her! (and you, obviously!)

    Elizabeth :)

  3. Love this! Great idea! Miss you! xo

  4. I don't really think it's true that the ppl on street style blogs would never be chosen for an editorial, I just think they aren't professional models. Many of the ppl the sartorialist shoots could be models no problem, it just isn't their day job.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Claudia you're right about that! I meant that even if these people aren't professional models, it is so hard to break into the industry and be chosen in magazines, that even regular "model" people wouldn't make it!

    Stay tuned to the next Street Style! :)