July 22, 2010

The Shades In-Between

Grey. The colour ground beef turns after being fried, the colour hair turns when the pigment dies, a soft to the touch bruise, the sky before the world washes clean, the wrinkled trunk of an elephant. It is a colour that has many variants and degrees and can be figuratively applied to a way of viewing the world.

It's a simple saying, "Not everything is black and white, there are always shades of grey."

Some people need to see the world in two colours. Some people must find a right or wrong or yes and no, while others always find the loopholes or elaborate answers beyond the hard and fast.

One of my best friends recently told me that I was being too rigid when it came to certain situations in my life. What? Me? I never thought of myself in that way. I pride myself on being the type of person who can see all sides to a situation, and yet in my own life I was trying to put everything into strict categories. 

Every choice you make coincides with what you've known before, or what others have told you is right or wrong. Maybe it's what your friends or parents have lived by, or what a book or a movie has said. It is hard to tell where the reasoning comes from sometimes.

Everyone writes their own imaginary rule book, perhaps without even knowing it. Have you revamped your rule book or analyzed what you will or won't do? Does it need an update or a software refresh?

No person, experience, relationship or friendship is the same so why apply the same rules to them?

You have to make up your own set. This doesn't mean I condone lighting cars on fire or pantless Wednesdays because it is now "your rule" but I do think it is important to ask yourself WHY. Why am I following this way of thinking? Why am I listening to this logic? Why won't I bend? Are there shades of grey in this situation? It is about making sure you understand the reasoning behind your decisions.

So what better way to embrace living in the "grey shades" then by literally painting my nails. I know it's still summer and my nail polish collection currently ranges from coral to aquamarine, but there is something understated and alluring about grey polish. It's a prelude to fall, but it's light enough to go with my bright summer outfits, and transitions nicely into the workplace.
[Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in "Commander in Chic"]

Before I go, I want to share with my readers this video editorial. It was directed by talented Toronto photographer Steve Carty. I love the music (Chin Injeti featuring the New Royales) the fashion, and the overall moodiness of the video. If the leopard fingerless gloves and the model's perfect, seriously perfect hair doesn't get you, the relationship drama will. This video definitely shows that nothing is black and white.

So how do you see beyond what's in front of you? I love hearing from you! Talk to me here or send me an e-mail (write.notamodel@gmailcom) tweet me at (@notamodelblog) or fan me on facebook: LIKE! xo


  1. My theory is that you wont know what is beyond what is in front of you until you jump in and experience it. We live and we learn. Sometimes we are put in situations that may make us uncomfortable. In times like those, I bite the bullet and throw myself out there. Rejection is something I have felt before and I know I can recover from it so what do I have to lose?

    ps. LOVE the video. Such great clothes too!

  2. You're very brave! I love your outlook.