July 8, 2010

Pink Balloons & Photoshoots

Do you remember when He Put A Ring On It?

Since then I've been asked to be a bridesmaid (beyond excited) but didn't feel the same reaction when my cousin Diane asked me to shoot some Save the Date photos. Can you repeat the question please?

If I'm "Not A Model" then I'm definitely "Not A Photographer." I didn't want to mess up anything that could potentially land on people's doorsteps or magnetized on a refrigerator.

The final result? We had a great day and they were so much fun to shoot. Diane and Chris are adorable and sooo in love, but not the least bit corny or cheesy. I'm lactose intolerant when it comes to the lay-it-on-thick couples.

I always tell them that their kids will be stunners with their pouty lips, long lashes and lanky builds. I won't show their final choice (that's saved for the lucky mailboxes) but here are some of my favourite shots. Enjoy! :)


  1. we took our wedding photos in the same place! except it looked a lot more baron since everything was dead. but we looked ALIVE so its ok.

    holy gorgeous couple, barf. ha.

    so nice! imagine how disgusting their wedding photos will be?!

  2. Aww thanks Amosh...ur so super sweet!! Chris and I love you to death! We got some good shots that was fun :) You're playing such an important part in this process for us and we really appreciate it!

    Claud, Elisa told me about that's a hidden gem! And look who's talking...u and Dave look like you have walked out of vogue magazine in every shot you're in! lol


  3. Diane and Chris, why spend thousands of dollars on your wedding photographer, amanda is free! lol. Great pics!
    Do I get a save the date even though I know when the date is and I already saved it????

  4. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the pink, ha

    you two are too gorg for words, and Amanda great photography work!
    I thought this place looked familiar! Love it, love you Diane :)

  5. Thanks Amanda, the pics look great and you were a pleasure to work with! Not sure about that close up shot though. yikes!

  6. but Chris you have the sweetest face!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    They're such a beautiful couple.

    Chris I love the close-up, you look great! :)

  8. these comments are awesome-Chris you're too funny lol
    lovee Diane & Chris--stunning couple that's for sure!
    love the balloon pics
    Can't wait for the weddding....the date is definately SAVED!
    ps--Annemarie's question applies here also. I still want a 'save-the-date' even though I'm already coming lol

  9. You could have told me these pictures were professionally done and I would have totally believed you. Great job, Amanda!

  10. ps I'm that anonymous...not sure how that happened lol

  11. What a perfect couple. I love your concept. It's unique. I like the idea of holding pink balloons. I love your photo with rocks in the background.