June 14, 2010

Real Models Eat Cupcakes

As I raced to meet 20-year-old Sabina Cavrak my dominant thought was, Should I have worn heels to interview with a model?

Cavrak is a 5'11 blue eyed stunner with the kind of body that causes men to politely salivate. She's of Croatian descent, and has a laid back love of life that makes even the most relaxed, happy hippie look like a disheveled pessimist.

Before our cafe meeting, Cavrak and I were just plain Twitter followers until she wrote a post on her blog about Not A Model. She talked about how she struggled with her own body image and her experiences trying to break into the modeling industry. I thought she'd be perfect to interview to catch a glimpse of the wannabe model life.

Cavrak got her start in modeling at age 14. It's in her blood as her mother was also a model. "My mother is a dead ringer for Brooke Shields," she says. Despite being recruited by a top agency, they told her that she needed to lose the baby fat in her face. Preoccupied with regular teenage stuff like boyfriends and highschool, she decided to put modeling on hold. As the years went on, she explained how people have always recruited her to join agencies and become a model. Even Stacey McKenzie offered her card and asked why she wasn't walking the runways.

"It's the same deal every time," she says. "People tell me I should model and the agencies tell me I need to lose weight."

Although she doesn't fit the mold, she claims she's never dieted and she has no intention of wasting away to skin and bones. "Even if I worked out all day everyday, my body isn't made to look like that," she says. After years of insecurities as an "awkward teen" (yes, I didn't buy it either) she's happy with the way her body is now.

Her resume boasts jobs that clearly require someone easy on the eyes. She's worked at Hollister, starred in a friend's music video and was part of MuchMusic's Doin Costa Rica reality television series. It was in Costa Rica that she found a life motto at Del Mar surf camp.

It's called pure vida which stands for pure life. I spent time with people who lived in huts and were the happiest people I've ever met. They know what life is really about."

Cavrak says she remembers idolizing Paris Hilton, when Hilton first appeared in the Guess campaigns. Funnily enough she met Paris and Nikki in a bathroom in California and was no longer starstruck. "These people have all this power and money and they decide to sit around and gossip about nothing," she says. "It's funny how things change." 

While I was intimidated by her height and overall babe-ism, by the end of the interview we were chatting away like two schoolgirls. We talked boys, (yes, even models have male troubles) music (she hates Taylor Swift, I know I gasped at this) and movies (she's a fan of the Star Wars Trilogies). It was then that I realized that being intimidated by someone's appearance melts away once you get to know them. Oh and even in heels, she'd still be taller than me.

I asked her to use one word to describe herself, she chose happy.

You better believe it.

Check out her blog at:

*Note: I had to disable the comment feature for this post as people started to get mean and negative. I can't vouch for anything beyond this interview and the purpose of it for Not A Model. Let's stay positive folks please. Negativity is not appreciated here.*