June 2, 2010

Queen of the Vintage Find

Meet Lisa.

We met in a creative non-fiction writing class in university. I complimented her fantastic style (she's vintage meets hip) and we bonded over the fact that while we were both in love with writing, we didn't fall into the tortured "my prose don't stink" artist category.

We got past the "just friends in class" thing when we ended up on a two hour train ride from London to Toronto. Instead of turning up our iPods, we gabbed the entire time about everything from bad dates to plaid shirts. I admire her for making the swift transition from university student to city gal without ever having to kick it with the parentals, and she always takes me to the best little restaurants and thrift shops.

We've maintained a friendship post-university and while we don't see each other every week, we never coat our conversations with fragrant syrupy honey. We tell it like it is. You don't actually like him, you're just bored. He's playing games, you either play back or move on. You're scared of commitment. That's a red flag. Yes, "relationships" come up a lot.

Lisa is a talented writer. Everything she writes sounds like beautiful musical lyrics. Her blog, Canadian Love Song is an arrange of melancholy, sweet musings about love and city life.

Dress & sunglasses: vintage from her Mom.

Apologies for the photo quality. I didn't have my camera, so my Blackberry had to do. I had problems sending them online and some were barely visible, hence posterized Lisa.

If you have a story or you want to share your non-model style, e-mail me at xo

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  1. ah, i'm blushing. thanks for the kind words my dear!