June 28, 2010

The Oatmeal Effect

It all comes down to moments.

First up we have the everyday moments. The ones that blend together until impossible to distinguish.
They are mundane, tedious but completely necessary. I'm talking the daily stuff: bringing bristles to morning breath, hitting a gas pedal, swallowing a brown bag lunch, small chitter chatter, hitting reply to an e-mail, pulling a cardigan out of a closet.

These daily moments are effortless and require nothing but a willful memory.

When we get lost in the daily moments, we know that far and few between are those other kinds of moments. The ones that leave you reeling, craving more, and affect your body with a physical reaction.

Moments like stepping off a plane into another world, meeting someone new or the beginning phase of just about anything. The new, frightening, amazing, would-be-impossible-to-recreate-everyday-of-the-week kind of moments.

So we wait. Wait for the big guys. Wait for the weekend. Wait for the moments that will be remembered. So we search or plan or sleepwalk through the days until something, anything happens.

I call this The Oatmeal Effect. Life is like a bowl of steamy oatmeal. How you prepare it, what you add to it, how you consume it.

Some people are completely content with their straight from the box oats. They relish in their routine, in the consistency of everyday life. They like their oatmeal ordinary and uncomplicated. They eat it everyday knowing the benefits of sticking to something safe, healthy and reliable.

While others need the sweetness of the berries, or the rush of some brown sugar. They pile in the extras until it no longer resembles what it was. Some people only live for the thrills in life; those moments that somehow allow for the feeling that brings the flush to a cheek or the spark to a hair end.

Everything else is just the in-between.

Life can't just be a quest for fireworks and champagne everyday, but it shouldn't be as beige as a dentist's office either. I think the secret is learning to find the balance between the spark and the routine, and try to realize that we need both to understand the other. I know that sometimes just fulfilling daily tasks can feel arduous when there's nothing exciting looming on the horizon. I know that it can bring even the most Goldilocks of us down.

However, if we're always planning and waiting and imagining the big moments, we'll miss all the ordinary greatness right in front of us. No trip right now can compare to sitting with and listening to "Little" (my personal nickname) for baby Daniel, while he laughs his head off.

When I look at him I realize that you can find happiness in just about anything.

I mean look at that face, his happiness is contagious in the most simple way.

So I will conclude with this:
People who only crave sugar will never enjoy the moment because their minds are already looking for the next best thing, while people who never spice up their oatmeal are just terrified to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.

I dare to ask, how do you take your oatmeal?

[*note: my house is under extreme renovations at the moment, so I don't really have any oatmeal or a real kitchen to make it in, hence my fantastic or rather sarcastic drawing skills.]


  1. I love love love this. You are sooo right! Have to take in every moment instead of waiting for the next big thing to happen but also need to break out of routine once in a while. Little D is growing so fast I'm trying not to always wish for his next milestone without being totally immersed in his day to day developments. He will grow whether I wish it or not so just have enjoy the moment.
    P.S - your big trip will come ;)

  2. This post is amazing Amosh. Great writing, great style but most importantly, great message! You have a talent sweetie!
    And couldn't agree more with the overall message....need to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile just to see what is out there but then also have to enjoy everything in your comfort zone because that's what makes you you!
    Daniel could not be any cuter! Love Love Love him and you!!

  3. You are a talented writer! great message!

  4. Daniel makes me instantly happy & reminds everyone how simple it can be. His laugh is hilarious and so adorable!!
    Funny I just read this post while eating oatmeal from the caf!
    Nice post

  5. Cute drawing! But even cuter is baby Daniel!
    I would love to say that I'm a mixture of both, but I lean more towards the safe, non-sugary oatmeal. Taking leaps scare me, but they always end up to be worth it. I need to take more of those!

  6. I LOVE this post! I make it my goal to live each day to the fullest(hence my tattoo)!

    ps. Baby daniel is the cutest ever!

  7. I LOVE this post! I make it my goal to live each day to the fullest(hence my tattoo)!

    ps. Baby daniel is the cutest ever!

  8. Thanks Everyone! I love Little (aka Baby Daniel more than words)