June 21, 2010

J'Adore Summer

Today is officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, so what better way to kick off the sunshine than painting the tips a new polish?

My friend Amalia introduced me to Creative Nail Design (CND) nail polish since her mother and aunt use it at their spas. I've never tried the brand before, but I was seduced by the effects option. Immediately, I was impressed with the smooth application and couldn't wait to try the sparkles.
Pink is not my colour. I rarely ever wear it clothing wise, but enjoy incorporating it into my beauty routine. My style is more classic, but sometimes I like to go beyond the traditional and glam it up with something outside my comfort zone and character.

The Nails: Gimme Some Sugar in "Sweet" and "Sugar Sparkle" 
 The ring: Forever XX1

The sparkles are a bit flashy but I believe that's how summer should be. Everything in excess until the cold winds of winter sweep in and make us a little more cautious with our style and hearts.  Below is a list of things I adore about summer.

J'Adore: Bare legs. Rooftop patios. Sea salt. Golden hair. Barbecue air. Double scoops of gelato. Happier people. Longer days/nights. Bonfires. Glowy skin. Sweaty runs. Cold showers. Vacationing. Straw hats. Living underwater. Drive-ins. Outdoor concerts. Road trips. No socks. Freshly cut grass. Golf. Seedless watermelon. Late night anything. Smell of sunscreen. You.

Lastly, it's also my parents' 24th wedding anniversary today. It's interesting how they've only ever known one relationship with each other. They met in highschool and tenaciously carried through and built their life together. I admire this rarity, especially when today it seems people get bored with their relationships the same way they change their cell phones. So cheers Mom & Dad. xo
I thought this photo was appropriate as it was taken when Italy won the World Cup in 1982. Let's see if they can pull it off in 2010. Check out their matching outfits. Adorable.


  1. I painted my nails yesterday too! And love the picture! Happy Anniversary Uncle Sav and Aunt Mina :) :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Mina & Sav, so cute!
    I love late night anything too ;)

  3. our parentals are the cutest aren't they?

  4. So much for an Italy win in 2010! But love the parentals nonetheless!

    Thanks all for the comments!

  5. Italy was an epic fail but your parents look amazing! haha congrats mina and sav!