May 27, 2010

Sweaty Betty

People are better looking in the summer.

Tawny skin, exposed legs and effortless waves can bring even the biggest hibernator skyrocketing up the attractive scale. Well everyone except for yours truly.

I was born missing the "I look smokin' hot in summer" gene. Instead I'm literally just hot. To all the boys who read my blog: stop reading here.

I'm a naturally sweaty person. Yeah, I just said it. I'm not someone who glows when it's 300 degrees out, I sweat. I was also born with hair that resembles an upside down old broom mixed with an unruly sheepdog. Add in humidity and I have the kind of look that belongs in a "creative" fashion editorial shoot in the jungle...on steroids.

So I decided to share some of my best beauty products to freshen up in a flash for all you Sweaty Bettys or Clammy Sammys.

1. Wiping your sticky brow with your forearm is pretty much the equivalent of wiping your mouth with a tablecloth. Ick. Boscia's Green Tea Blotting Linens ($10) are perfect for absorbing oil, while keeping your makeup in tact. Anything with green tea in it, always makes my skin feel extra fresh.

2. Toner is not just for your printer. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend adding it into your beauty routine. It's great before your moisturizer to prep the skin. My favourite is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir ($16). The lightweight spray is fantastic for squeezing pores shut and it smells amazing. I even carry it in my purse for a quick spritz mid-day to revitalize my tired skin.

3. I always need a skin pick-me-up mid-week. My sister bought me LUSH's "Angels on Bare Skin" 100% natural facial scrub ($10.95) for my birthday. Clay based and infused with lavender and rose, this summer scrub works great on normal or combination skin. It sloughs away the dead cells that have been lingering and softens the skin.

Keeping my hair sane is another story that I will tackle soon. Lately, I've been trying a plethora of different "updos" aka ponytails, braids and buns to keep my mane under wraps.

So how do you bear the heat with beauty? I love hearing from you. Until then, stay fresh! xo


  1. How do I bear the heat? I just embrace it. I figure I'm not the only one who looks gross and sweaty. And I definately wear ponytails way to often.

    Don't diss your hair, it's amazing!

  2. Great tips. In the summer I try to use a lot of really good humidity resistant hair products. That helps with the flat sticky hair problem. Cute blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  3. Good for you Chris to embrace the heat!

    & Thanks Cole! Your blog is great!

  4. lush products always look so good i want them... :O