May 18, 2010

Suburban Girl in the City Part 1

I'm not new to city life. I've worked, partied, lunched, dinnered, shopped, interned and any other "ed" you can think of... I just don't live there.

While I have my qualms about living in Italian suburbia, I know eventually I will make the move to the city and be able to stroll to work, rather than schlep. With my new internship, I'm now a serious commuter. My commute takes about an hour or more depending on different factors. It's heinous and I've yet to master the art of being a morning person.

In no particular order, I've noticed 4 types of commuters:

The "overly prepared" person

You know, the person who has a full nutritious lunch packed, gym bag ready, another bag filled with what looks like an extra pair of shoes while holding some sort of thermos probably filled with a healthy protein packed smoothie. Their I-pod is fully charged and reading material is readily available if needed. They are super alert and probably could perform First Aid or pull out an extra shirt for someone like me when I spill tea all over my outfit. Yeah, that person.

The "glassy eyed, rolled out of bed, half asleep" person

You know the person who looks like they haven't had an inkling of sleep.  It makes you wonder what exactly they were up to last night. They're dozing off, with their head bobbing up and down and then they snap out of it, embarrassed. However, within three blinks they're nodding off again while other people watch, waiting for them to a) miss their stop b) fall on the person next to them c) get their stuff stolen.

The "look me in the eye again & I'll set you on fire" person

It's not cool to be chipper in the morning to this person. They're angry. You have no idea why and you definitely don't want to know. Maybe they're peeved because they have to go to work. Maybe their kids had tantrums and all three wanted to wear Halloween superhero costumes to school. Either way, the worse thing you can do is send a meek smile their way. Smiling is dangerous, and the morning is never a time to be a daredevil.

The "I'm so important on my phone even though there is no service" person
My phone has no service, so your phone must have no service, yet this person is enthralled. Maybe they're playing brickbreaker, browsing through photos, or compiling text message drafts, either way they give the illusion that wherever they're going next is very special. It's as if the world just got a signal that it may end, and this person will be the one to save it... if they can only get a few more bars.

So where do I fall in these categories? I'm a mix of probably every person I just described, but I've never fallen asleep on public transit, well I did in Barcelona, but that's a whole other blog post.

I will be writing more about my city/suburb musings. Here's to all the commuters out there!


  1. Hilarious! I was totally the over-prepared one when we went to Humber haha.

  2. I am definately the person who wants to kill morning people

  3. I think I'm The Bag Lady. I've got bags of food, shoes and books but when I get on the subway they're usually piled onto my lap and used as pillows. I fall asleep on the subway too often, but I've never missed a stop!

  4. god i hate commuting, hour long ones into the city suck major esp during rush hours. soon i'll be joining you downtown so we're steps/a bus ride/bike ride away from our future awesome workplaces! haha

  5. I don't miss it at all!!!!!!!