May 6, 2010

Some Girls Prefer Diamonds I...

Some people collect stamps, coins or those little sparkly figurines...I collect notebooks.

Technological advances in communication grants anyone the ability to profess their thoughts in a variety of texts, tweets or types, yet I still prefer pen and paper.

Call me Jane Austen, but I feel a simple pen provides me with the power to control the movement, scribbles and flow of my thoughts. If possible, I would use those feather tipped pens but clearly I was born in the wrong time period.

When I spot a new notebook, I always have an inner debate of whether I should purchase it. The funny thing is, I don't even use half of my notebooks. Perhaps I'm waiting to fill it with the brilliance of my future [insert best selling novel/ academy award winning script] but I can't seem to find something worthy to put in them yet. 

I remember being on a lunch break when a fellow coworker asked me, "What are you always writing in that thing? What is that your diary?" Humph! Well obviously I got embarrassed and defensive. Why is it when a girl writes in a journal beyond the age of 13, she is suddenly writing in a diary? Dear Diary, today's sandwich was extraordinary. The perfect ratio of bread to tuna.

Definitely not. I find it a tad offensive. I always keep some sort of writing pad in my purse in case I have an idea for a blog post or anything else that I want to write about. I'm not sitting around drawing hearts and the last name of the boy I have a crush on.

Last night I attended the media preview for the Hermann & Audrey exhibit for CONTACT at the Baitshop gallery.  I was really nervous attending my first media event where I would have to introduce myself officially as a blogger. With a multitude of options, I opted for my DVF notebook. I seldom use it, but it was the perfect occasion. Stay tuned for a full blog post on the exhibit.

So boys, forget diamonds (for now) buy me a notebook and you've got the key to my heart. Add a good pen in there, you know the ones that are inky but not too inky and don't leak all over your hands (I'm a lefty and ink can be a problem) and it's pretty much a done deal.


  1. i've got a thing for notebooks too! I just can't get enough! I used to sell them on my store but they sold out quick! i guess there are a lot of us notebook lovers out there...

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone in this! Thanks for the comments!

  3. I have a bunch of notebooks I don't use and probably never will. I should give them to you! haha

  4. Top left, definitely from Chapters/Indigo. Also, A+ on the Moleskine.