May 2, 2010

Lipstain & Foam Hearts

Cafe reviewing is good for my soul and bad for my waistline.

I love meeting the people who started these places up on a whim or because of a dream. Upon entering these cafes, I immediately feel better and more relaxed. After sitting with some good company and enjoying some treats and coffee, everything else seems to come naturally. 

My most recent blogTO cafe review for The Good Neighbour was my favourite cafe yet. I know I rave about them all, but this one was one for the books. From the spacious and artsy location to the little foam heart floating around in my espresso, I fell in love. 

[photo credit Stefania Sgambelluri]

At the review, I was wearing one of my favourite new beauty products: Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in "Flirty Nude". If you haven't tried a lipstain, I highly recommend it. I love the no-fuss and lasting colour effects without the cakey lipstick look.
Is it a pen? A bird? A plane? No it's a lipstain! Okay that was cheesy, but if you dare to try it out I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I hate the stickness of lipgloss, so definately trying this.

    And cuteee cafe!

  2. love the lipstain.. if only it wasn't constantly by your side I could try it out

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