April 25, 2010

And *BAM* I'm 23

It's a new year for me.

A birthday isn't only a cause for celebration but a time of self- reflection on the days gone by and the moments ahead. At 23, I'm at a place that is completely different than where I was last year. I've learned a lot about myself this past year, probably more than I ever have and I'm ready to embark on a new adventure that I like to call "full-time-career-adulthood?" Well maybe not quite, oh the mid-twenties. 

My first real celebration was in Miami. We went to Devitos, Danny Devito's restaurant in South Beach. The food (Italian) was spectacular, and the service was amazing. We got free champagne, appetizers and the best birthday dessert ever. When I saw the giant cotton candy "cake" coming towards me, I almost burst into happiness flames.
Famjams as I like to call them, are also my favourite part of birthdays. This year I shared my birthday with a little special someone named Bailey. Bailey turned one (or seven in dog years) two days before my birthday. We even got him a cake (yup, we're one of those families). My sister also made me the most delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese icing as per my request. If I could, I would eat cream cheese icing on everything, every single day. But I won't, and you shouldn't either.
Lastly, I had a gathering Saturday night at the Drake Hotel. So many great people in my life attended and gave me the best night ever. This morning was not looking too great, but if you're feeling great post- birthday party, you probably didn't have enough fun.
Check out my best girl at the bottom left.

Lastly, I'd love to share my favourite birthday present ever from my amazing sister. She turned Not A Model into a book!!!
A big thanks to everyone who helped kick off 23. It's going to be a great one. xo