March 8, 2010

What Do You Bow About It?

Salutations my lovely readers! Are you ready for another Not A Model photoshoot? 

This week the trend is bows. It seems these girly accessories have made their way from the playground to the runway. You can opt for a more demure look and wear it on a headband ala Blair Waldorf, or you can rock out with a giant '80s cartoon character bow. My inspiration for this shoot stems from the bolder look of bows as seen on the Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2010 runway. Sometimes, bigger is just better. 

[Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 photo courtesy of bellasugar

I'd like to introduce the latest non model, my best friend Loredana, or Dana as most people call her.  I've been best friends with Dana since we met in grade 6 about a million years ago. We've been through everything together, from school dances to traveling Europe. We live 2.5 seconds away from each other, our parents and sisters are friends and I'm pretty sure Bailey is more in love with her than me. We've managed to remain inseparable even when I left the Italian homeland to go away for school, and she can always (amazingly or frustratingly) read my mind. Anyone who spends five minutes with her can attest that she's side splitting hilarious.

I think she's beautiful inside and out, not to mention she has the most insane eyelashes I've ever seen. We had a blast shooting this, but really we have fun wherever we are.

Ps- Check the balloon!  xo


  1. "a la Blair Waldorf" made me think of how GOSSIP GIRL STARTS TONIGHT<3 YAY!

  2. okay
    #1. Bailey likes me more than Dana
    #2. These pictures make me die haha

    yah, don't think I can pull the bow thing off... especially not as well as Dana can :P

  3. love the shoot Dana! so stylish.. especially whoever did ur hair haha ;)

  4. Hey Amanda..

    Loved the post.. Great pics of Dana!!

  5. These are fabulous! My favourite is the 3rd one. It has a really great Aesthetic. These posts are so much fun.

    p.s. your last shoot inspired me to buy coral lipstick this week :)

  6. Thanks everyone!! Dallas glad you bought some coral!

  7. i'm SO behind on blog reading... LOVE the bow, she is very very pretty!

    also love the balloon, maybe we need a GFB one, ha!