March 27, 2010

Psst future...tell me what's out there!

Let's talk transitioning.

A transitional period is a time when you are moving from one really familiar aspect of life into a totally new one. It causes you to close a door on one chapter and get ready to flow (or crash) into the next phase. 

Some examples of transitions include: student to worker, living at home to on your own, single to relationship, relationship to single, engaged to married, unemployed to employed, city slicker to world traveler and so on. It is a time when things are a bit foreign and everything you thought you knew no longer applies.

Before transitioning, there is always the heaping water bucket of uncertainty rocking in the balance over your head.

Drip, drip, drip each droplet is painful and teasing. Aren't we all just waiting, wishing to get soaking wet? Uncertainty can drive anyone crazy. Will they hire me? Does he like me? Will I get in? Is this the right path for me?

In about one month, I will no longer be a student. I went from high school student to a Western undergrad and then directly into a post-graduate certificate program. Being a student has become a large part of my identity. However, at this point I feel I am ready to make the transition. I'm ready to move out of the classroom and see what I'm made of.

I just wish I had some answers. I'm still interviewing, applying and hoping soon someone will see something in me and think, "Yeah, that's the girl we want."

There are many aspects of my life I know are on the verge of breaking though and changing. New people are entering and new opportunities and experiences are coming my way. The overwhelming part is not knowing where I stand. 

"Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity." - R. I. Fitzhenry

I hope this time will be a time where I can focus on the creative aspects of my life such as writing, learning more about photography and making connections. I know I've been MIA this past week, but I have a lot to share with you including a new Not A Model photo shoot!  

I'd also like to give a grand welcome to all my new readers. I can't wait to hear from you! I leave you with this photograph I took yesterday in Anthropologie of their very creative and eco-friendly chandelier.

Get inspired. Enjoy xo


  1. If people don't see the potential in you they must be absolutely out of their minds! Let me know about your interview results! xo

  2. Hey missy!

    I'm in all kinds of transitional stages: student to worker (must find job when back from honeymoon...), engaged to married, and living at home to living on my own (with the hubs, of course).

    As far as work goes, I've got nerves too. ESPECIALLY since I've got an entire year of unemployment and not being in school on my resume. I wish I could put, WAS BUSY WITH CANCER in one heading but it just doesn't work that way. However, at the end of the day, I know what I have to offer and am confident that someone is really going to want to hire me.

    Same for you - you've got so much to offer, and in time it'll happen. Keep doing what you're doing.

    I also would like to add, that I'm so impressed with how your blog has taken form, you've got an amazing little thing going on here. You'll only become a better writer, can't wait to see where you end up xo.

  3. Thanks girls!

    Claudia, you always are so level headed, positive and inspirational! Thanks so much for the kind words- it means a lot! :)

  4. this post matches exactly how i am feeling right now too. going from undergrad to hopeful "real job" worker.