March 12, 2010

My Pen pal

Go ahead and unplug.

I know telling my blog readers to sign off their computers is like a retail shop owner telling customers to stop buying clothes, but hear me out.

Today, I received a package from my dear friend Keith. Keith is an English teacher in Korea and we decided to keep in touch strictly via letters since he left. Sure, we can e-mail, Facebook or tweet but there is something exciting about searching through a pile of mail (bypassing bills and alumni brochures) and finding a handwritten letter bursting with updates.

What used to be the only way people kept in touch has become an almost dinosaur form of communication. But it is a known fact that people love personalized snail mail. Think of the e-mails devouring your inbox or the constant flow of online information you filter through every minute of the day. Now imagine coming home to a letter or a card in the mail. Don't you feel better already?

I'm all about old-fashioned communication.

It's a distinctive way to deliver a message and can set your piece of information apart. I'm an avid thank you card writer and I find people are super appreciative after receiving one of my cards. I also managed to land my very own penpal (here's looking at you Keith). His letters make me laugh out loud, and I love reading about all of his adventures. This time he sent some treats including crackers/cookies, pine tree toothpaste and socks that feature these famous crime show celebrity stars that are apparently all the rage in Korea.

I know you're jealous. So the next time you want to send a thank-you or a friend goes abroad, hold off on the e-mail and grab a pen and some paper.

It's time to get your cursive on!


  1. So fun! Remember when we were all "pen pals" that one summer and signed best friend contracts HAHA We were such weird kids, we lived down the street from each other! HAHA

  2. I love this! I am totally getting a pen pal :)

  3. this post is true..except you should probably step away from ur Mac more often. u already know my views on this lol
    I'm going to wear those socks

  4. I heart snail mail (and sweet socks) !