March 19, 2010

Lovely Lavender & Investment Bankers

I'm a mood polisher.

A mood polisher is someone who paints their nails based on how they're feeling or how they want to feel.  To me, a nail colour can embody a new season or a new beginning. It's a little touch that can showcase to the world a little bit of emotion. So when my sister came home with a bottle of UO (Urban Outfitters) varnish, in "Purple 7" I knew I was ready to embrace the pretty pastels.

Does this mean I'm feeling happy, whimsical and Spring-like? Why yes, it absolutely does!

Once my nails are freshly polished, I get the urge to adorn my hands with some decorations. I love wearing rings and mixing and matching expensive pieces with costume jewelry. I recently broke my favourite wrap-around leaf ring that I purchased at Topshop in London this past summer.  I was chatting with (let's call him "Mr. MBA") who left no opportunity to remind me over and over that he is an investment banker. I'm a fidgeter, so I was playing around with the ring on my finger when it spun off. I searched the sticky bar floor for my leafy lucky charm but to no avail. Mr. MBA then had the nerve to tell me that the reason I lost my ring was because "I was just so nervous because I wasn't used to talking to a guy like him." Riiight. Anyways, I found my ring but someone had stepped on it and crushed it flat! So a few days ago when I came across a similar leaf ring I just had to purchase it.

 I still have the pieces of the original. 
The resemblance is close, no?

Sidenote: I don't dislike investment bankers, moreover I dislike people who feel the need to patronize me or talk down to me because they somehow landed in a position where they make tons of paper. 1 I'm looking to hear what's beneath the surface and fancy career, that je ne sais quoi. If you tell me that you're obsessed with sweet potato french fries, your dog and hot yoga and you just happen to be an investment banker, cool.

Anyways, this week declare your mood with your polish! I love reading your comments & hearing from you. Write me at: xo

1- Yes, I just referred to money as paper, I've been listening to a lot of hip hop and rap lately, oops! 


  1. I have been wondering if that polish is any good? Does it chip easily?

    Also, I have had a few encounters with investment bankers. The most recent more positive than the first but that is a story for a later date.


  2. 1) i like the colour
    2) i like the ring, where did you find it?
    3) that post was funny, haha.


  3. omg recently a similar thing happened to me! I was playing with my favourite ring at a club and soon enough my friends and I were all on the floor looking for hour later a waitress had found it. It was an emotional roller coaster, but what are the odds?

  4. Polish is good. Hasn't chipped yet. It's a nice varnish. My sister bought 2 for $10 on sale!

    I'm laughing at these comments. I must hear the good & bad of your stories Kayla.

    Ring was bought at some random outdoor Ardene outlet. Both rings for $10

    Erica you're so lucky you found yours and it wasn't squashed! :)

  5. Amanda, we know that he should not be referred to as "Mr. MBA" but perhaps "J.A" (you know what I'm talking about!) haha. And you really need to stop losing things at clubs lol

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  7. Hey!

    I like sweet potato fries, my dog and hot yoga.

    Love the nail colour - very fresh!

    You are a child of the 90s, never regret the hip hop/rap binge. Even if you find yourself repeating phrases like, paper, bling or ice.

  8. Amanda!

    The colour on your finger nails matches my toes!! I am in the same spring mood this week.

    Saw the request for a blog interview! Awesome...notamodel is one of my favourite blogs too!

    keep it coming!!!

    ps. I know similar investment bankers haha

  9. yayy you blogged about the pretty nailpolish!!!

  10. Hi I'm Natalia (Alicia's friend and classmate). Been looking at your blog and it's real fun to read. I'm now inspired to do some more nail polish shopping. :)

  11. Thanks all! I'm glad you like the Spring colour! I hope to see lots of pastels around town!

    Thanks for the follow & kind comments Natalia!