March 29, 2010

Let Loose, Get Braid

It's time for another Not A Model photo shoot! This time it's all about the coif with a spotlight on braids and soft waves. 

It seems that braids have been weaving their way onto the heads of even the most stylish of women. A braid can be practical if you find yourself with little time to get ready. Yet, they can get quite intricate like a fishtail or french braid. Side braids have also been popping up all over the runways. Think farmer's daughter meets I don't shower hipster.
[photocredit left: Harper's Bazaar Alexander Wang] 
On another note, when it comes to the art of seduction nothing says romance and "run your hands through my hair" like soft waves. Touchable, bouncy and voluminous are the only adjectives that should be uttered around a truly swoonworthy mane. Think messy, not prom queen.
 [photocredit Harper's Bazaar Chloe]
When choosing my third "non-model" I immediately thought of Christina Pellegrini or Pell as most people call her. Her rich, dark hair is the perfect mix of texture, shine and volume. She has been one of my best friends since elementary school and she's the only person I know who received tips working at a bakery! When she's not breaking boys' hearts one hair flip at a time, she's working hard at getting her marketing certificate and being the glue that keeps all of our friendships together. She's a great listener and a natural beauty. These photos really capture her soft side and sweet personality. She was a breeze to shoot. I find that photography is soon becoming one of my favourite aspects of the blog. Hope you guys like them!

Hmm... I wonder if Not A Model will wash out of that pillowcase? :)


  1. Pell looks hoooottt!! Love the braid! Wish my hair could do it :(

    re: "When she's not breaking boys' hearts one hair flip at a time."
    When I saw this I died haha

  2. I really love the way you write!

  3. Love it, braids are everywhere, it gets me jealous that my and our hair doesn't co operate in three strands... lol. also love the exclusive photos!!

  4. laughed so hard at "Think farmer's daughter meets I don't shower hipster." :-D

  5. great shots may have found yourself another talent :)

  6. Omg Manda.. I love the new blog! Great way to use Pell and her amazing beautiful hair . Keep the blog's coming.. I look forward to reading them! xoxo

  7. Thanks everyone! Pell was amazing. Love reading the comments!