March 1, 2010

Coral Lips, Jade Tips

Are you ready for your close-up? 

I'd like to introduce a new section on Not A Model. Weekly or biweekly, I will choose beautiful people (inside and out) to highlight any current beauty or style inspiration. I know so many amazing people who can rock it just like any other size 0 model. These people will represent all different facets of beauty and style (all shapes, sizes and ages) that traditional media seems to overlook. This will also be my first venture into some amateur portrait and fashion photography, and I'm very excited to be able to capture emotion through images, rather than just words.

Cookie cutter looks and glamazons need not apply.
This week I asked my sister Melissa to help kick off Spring with a beauty shoot inspired by the March 2010 issue of Australian Vogue featuring model Abbey Lee Kershaw shot by photographer Max Doyle.

Coral lips are a large trend for Spring 2010. The bright colour breathes life into the darker, vampy winter makeup trends we've become accustomed to. I especially love the contrast of the tangerine colours and the jade. For the shoot, I used a hint of some old blue eyeshadow, Revlon lipstick in "Colour Me Coral," and a previous favourite of mine, Essie nail polish in "Candy Apple Mint"

Melissa was a great subject to photograph. These colours really compliment her skin tone and amber hued eyes. She definitely inherited the strong genes in the family. To say she's pretty would be an understatement. She's my best friend and her sense of humour really came through in these photos. I feel they really showcase her bubbly personality and up for anything attitude.
I can't wait to start this journey with my readers and showcase some real people and real beauty for the world to see.

It is time to quench your thirst for something fresh and get ready for sunny skies.

Citrus wedge on the side please.


  1. Christina TacconelliMarch 1, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    This is such a great idea Mand! And Melissa looks amazing as always! Keep posting on Bachelor nights so I can occupy my boredness with your amazing posts :)

  2. ohhh this is sooo good! i'm excited for more to come!


  3. So pretty. I love this feature! Also, I have that nail polish too and it's gotta be the best colour ever.

  4. Thanks girls! I'm so excited to start this feature! Your support means a lot.

  5. first of all i love coral lips..(i always have lol)
    second ...mel looks really pretty
    third...this is just a really cool idea...

  6. Mel is a hottie, good idea Amosh :) I think you should do one on Annemarie before she has the baby! She would kill me if she knew I wrote this lol :)