February 24, 2010

Spring, not yet Sprung

Snowzilla has hit the city.

While I'm all for powder during the holiday season, right about now I'm yearning for pastel tulips and a gorgeous trench. There is nothing quite like the moment the air changes and suddenly Spring has announced its sweet arrival.  The ability to prance around town in a light jacket, rather than schlep around with puffy parkas and salt stained boots is a luxury. That first glimpse of greenery refreshes my mind, instead of being trapped indoors refreshing my inbox.  

Last week while in South Beach, Florida I waltzed into J. Crew. Upon entry, I immediately had flashing images of my future wearing light silk camisoles under cotton blouses, while effortlessly balancing my family life and career. Okay that's pushing it, but as a student I could barely afford a headband in that place.

So when I came across this adorable tote, I had to buy it. Not only was the price reasonable at $10, but the women walking their dogs reminded me of my favourite warm weather past time.
Sidenote: I wish I looked this chic while walking my dog Bailey, well minus the girl walking her dog in what seems to be her bathing suit.


  1. did you order this online? i want one!

  2. i'm so sorry about those somehow 3 repeated comments, and now this 4th. ugh.

  3. No problem! I'll remove the duplicates! Thanks for the comments.

    I bought the tote at the store in Florida. I tried to find it online but I couldn't find the dog walking tote. Maybe they'll have it online soon!

  4. love the bag, j.crew and you!
    a little rhyme for ya... xo

  5. you could totally rock a bathing suit while walking bailey lol

  6. i love the classic bed sheets under the tote.. when I see that pattern I instantly think of home lol