February 21, 2010

Let's Detox About It

I have one rule when it comes to indulgence: never deprive yourself while on vacation.

This past week I went on a cruise with my family and totally went wild... food wise of course. While the weather was less than stellar, one of the best things to do on the ship was eat. With giant buffets and mid-afternoon ice cream runs, my glucose levels rose higher than the ocean waves.

So I'm trying out a detox. As aforementioned, Raya's Diary of a Nutritionista blog is a great tool for keeping up with health tips. Raya is a registered nutritionist and she recently started blogging about detoxing. While her detox includes supplements, I'm opting out of that component since I am a first timer.  My detox will include cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar. 

I want to give my body a break from all the junk I've been shoveling into it. I don't believe in crash dieting or scary cleanses as some people I know have tried. I chose Raya's detox because you actually get to eat. Also, I will only be doing a 7 day detox instead of the 10 day she recommends, since I have a big party coming up next weekend.

So far yesterday was Day 1. I had a huge headache last night, which is supposed to be normal. I'm definitely going to miss my daily spoonful of Nutella.

Have you ever tried a detox? Are you interested in one? Maybe you're going on vacation, so in that case happy eating! I'll check in next weekend to let you know how I feel.

Stay healthy!


  1. You? Not eating Nutella? WOW...I could never do this. Good Luck!

  2. we def did not deprive ourselves thats for sure lol

  3. I'm so proud of you...Good Luck!!