February 28, 2010

It's About a Little Willpower & A lot of Water

Bring on the goods! 

After a week of giving up sugar, dairy and wheat I'm finally detoxed! I'd like to give Not A Model readers a little run down of my experience. So here it goes:

I found lunches easier than dinner changes. I usually eat healthy foods during the day so my body wasn't in total shock to the additions and subtractions to my lunch bag. My real challenge was in the evening.

After a long day at school, or a long commute all I want is a little comfort, and I'm not talking about the cuddling kind. I found it very challenging to not succumb to having that little piece of chocolate after dinner or that snack while watching television. 

As for side effects, during the beginning phase of the detox I was a little bit moody. Also, my skin became more sensitive and irritated. I talked to Raya from Diary of a Nutritionista and she told me both of these symptoms were normal for detoxing. The toxins were just coming through my skin (ick) and the moodiness was expected.

All in all, the detox left me feeling lighter. My stomach never looked or felt flatter (do I see a 6 pack forming?) and I was never bloated or felt overly stuffed. I would definitely recommend trying out a detox to give your body a little break. Always check with your physician if you're unsure about anything.

The climax and reward of my hard week? My sister the baker whipped me up a chocolate chip cookie pie. It sounds just as good as it tastes. I only had a sliver, while the rest was gobbled up by family and guests.

I do plan on incorporating some of the tips of the detox in my daily life. I will try to be more conscious of my sugar intake and try not to eat late at night. I'm glad I tried it out. It's all about willpower and testing yourself psychologically in a way.

If you're up for the challenge, try it for yourself. If not grab a fork and eat some pie!

Either way you win.


  1. Melissa better have this ready for tomorrow if you expect me to come over and watch the Batchelor!

  2. I was starting at this in class today for a good 20 minutes... talk about killing me softly!