February 28, 2010

Canadian Glory

Gold. Ice. 5 rings. I believe.

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are over and what a journey it has been. While I wouldn't call myself an Olympic couch potato, I did enjoy following and reading the success stories of our fellow Canadian athletes.

Canadians are proud today. You can feel it in your body, in your soul. It is a communal experience to cheer for your country. To be proud of your country. To be surrounded by people who believe in their country. The Olympics brings the entire world together. People unite to celebrate the art of sport. The energy is contagious. Everyone feels attached to the moments. I love it.

It is extraordinary to watch people have their moment doing something they truly love. The feeling of achieving a goal after endless hours of training, practicing and dreaming, must be indescribable. I love the Nike training slogan Force Fate. It emphasizes how you have to take life in your own hands and make it happen. Destiny can't always be relied on.

Watching the Olympics makes me question my personal direction in life. What am I working towards? What will I spend years trying to achieve? I should be pursuing my passions with zest and wait for the moment when it all comes together. The whole world may not be watching, but I want to work tirelessly towards something I love. I want to be better.

You can't buy the happiness on the faces of those athletes. 

I'd like to note that my voice is currently hiding in the moment when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in today's Canada vs. USA hockey game. Oh the golden boy that is Sid the Kid [insert lots of gushing & wishful thinking here.]

That moment will be remembered for years to come.


  1. Being a self-proclaimed olympic couch potato, I can honestly say I don't know what I am going to do with my time now that everything is said and done. It makes me sad. But honestly, today was probably the most anxious day ever! I'm so happy our hockey party ended up being the appropriate thing to do. If we lost, I would have burned everything! haha... WOOOOOO CANADAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!GOLLDDDDDDDD

  2. I love this post! Especially when you said that destiny cannot always b relied on; never read truer words.
    The game was so amazing! GO CANADA!!

  3. The Golden Boy Scores the Golden Goal!! What a day for CANADA!!!

    "The feeling of achieving a goal after endless hours of training, practicing and dreaming, must be indescribable."
    The feeling of victoy is the greatest feeling someone can have! No words can describe, it can only be felt. Through your body, through your's a feeling you never want to let go of and you will never ever forget.
    You definitly can't "buy the happiness on the faces of those athletes."

    Sports brings people together! What a great day for Canada.

    ps. sick pic!

  4. I love Crosby..
    and I'm also loving Dana's hat haha!