January 20, 2010

This post was not inspired by Jersey Shore

Ciao Amore! (Hi Love)

I've decided to brush up on my Italian.

I know the basics and I understand better than I speak, but I'm disappointed that I don't know more. The funny thing is I took Italian classes all throughout elementary school and even took a summer course in Italy in grade 11. My summer trip ended up teaching me more about lax European drinking laws than how to communicate. Sidenote: my parents do not find this amusing. 

Even in Venice this past summer I would make fun of my best friend, who just added an 'o' to every word and said it with an Italian accent, hoping it would make sense. For example: to ask for a garbage she would say, "Garbagio?" Needless to say, the puzzled looks we got were endless.

So I recently purchased Let's Talk Italian, a complete 8 CD audio learning course. For under $15 (there was a 30% promotion going on) I can spice up my morning commute.

People who drive beside me probably think I'm having a really fun conversation on my bluetooth. Little do they know I'm actually reciting Italian words. I find this hilarious and quite sneaky of me. Most of the first CD I already know, but there are little things that I'm still learning.

My favourite word thus far is PERICOLO which means danger. Sidenote: This is no way to imply that I am a dangerous or bad driver.

Now this may sound ridiculous to some, and may warrant some teasing from my Italian friends but sooner or later I'll be sitting here.

So try something new and expand yourself or keep drinking that "haterade." 1

1-  Okay now that was inspired by Jersey Shore which is not a real depiction of Italian people at all, but trashy reality television entertainment that should not be taken for more than what it is: trashy reality television entertainment.


  1. OMG! You're going to Positano this summer? Or did you mean in the future? Regardless I think it's great that you're brushing up!

  2. Ok, freaky! I took Italian courses all throughout elementary school and took a course abroad the summer after grade 11! Hahaha and I strongly dislike the Jersey Shore, so offensive.

  3. Erica! I wish! Hopefully I'll go there sometime in the near future, but no definite plans!

    Leviana that's so weird that we basically had the same experiences. Hopefully you learned more than me!

  4. This is a brilliant idea! I have been thinking about taking up italian and this sounds like a great way to go about it!

    Do you think people on the subway will judge me if I'm wearing my iPod, spewing out random italian words?

  5. I took it in first year. Stick with it if you can. I still have to dust off my books, and it's kind of sad.

  6. Christina TacconelliJanuary 25, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    I want to brush up on my italian too! but instead of buying a cd (which is probably easier) i got a job at a pharmacy with only italian-speaking customers and tell my nonna she's only allowed to speak italian to me. Needless to say, neither methods are working lol