January 25, 2010

Photobooths & Baby Cookies

Blogging about being sick is the equivalent of tweeting what you eat. No one really cares. So I won't mention that I have cold and I've been drinking copious amounts of tea and homemade pastina today. I won't mention it all.

I will share my weekend recap which consisted of divine dinners and baby showering. 

On Friday night, it was my cousin Laura's 22nd birthday so I headed to the Drake Hotel with my sister and best friend in tow, to celebrate. I've never been to the Drake, but it had a trendy atmosphere without trying too hard. We munched on bite-sized appetizers like mini hamburgers and tandori chicken sticks, with a plethora of gourmet dips. We also took black and white photos in a photobooth (because who doesn't love awkward, random, laughing your face off photos?)

Saturday night I went to dinner at Dimmi bar in Yorkville. The dark, swoonworthy atmosphere paired with some surprisingly youthful music was an interesting mix. Good food, wine and my best guys and girls is all I can ask for.

Sunday was more family oriented as we attended my cousin Annemarie's baby shower. In just 5 weeks we will welcome a new addition. We haven't had a baby in the fam for 20 years now!! I'm dripping in anticipation.

My sister, (the talented baker) made some adorable personalized sugar cookies. My cousin and her husband don't want to know the gender of the baby so my sister opted for stereotypical blue and pink.   Keep a look out for my very own personalized cookie at the end.
My cookie was a tester hence the unintentional American flag theme and sparkles. I love it nonetheless Melba.

Happy Monday, now it's back to tea and tissues.


  1. Christina TacconelliJanuary 25, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    I am so upset I missed dinner at dimmi! :(

  2. Photobooths are so much fun! Your pics turned out great, and so did those cookies :)

  3. Pastina<3 Greatest thing ever.

  4. Thanks dallas!

    Pastina is amazing!

    Tac we'll go for another dinner don't sweat it!

  5. soo i finally decided to click on the comment box...and sure enough i could leave a took me months to figure that out lol but wooohooo im on the blog....and i love all the postss even tho i didnt comment i always read!!