January 6, 2010

New Year, New Look

No one likes change.

I've made the decision to change notamodel's main logo. I know everyone, including myself has become attached to my original photo with Miss. Heidi Klum. (Fun Fact: many people are shocked when I tell them Heidi is the one on my shirt. I've heard people say the model looks like Britney Spears, Sienna Miller, you name it)

My decision is based upon the fact that soon I will start searching for an internship. Future employers will have to visit my blog to get a better sense of who I am online.

I've always said that if someone wouldn't hire me based on a photo then I'm probably not a good fit with their company. However, a half naked woman flipping the bird probably doesn't scream "professionalism."

I hope you like my new logo. It was taken around 3 years ago by the talented Stefania Sgambelluri when she was in her college photography program. I'm also proud to say that I edited the logo using Adobe Photoshop all on my own. I find Photoshop to be a very intimidating and confusing program but with a new version and some time, I sat there, played around and taught myself.

I also changed the blog layout to a wider view so I can fit more photos and longer text. I'm happy with the changes and I hope that my writing is the real reason you readers connect with me!

If you're still mourning Heidi & I, you can find the full original photo here. 



  1. Hey! Thank you so much for your comment on my post and thank your friend for me for sharing my blog with you! I am happy that I have come across your blog because of this, as well. I like your blog title, for one, because it encourages everyone to love themselves no matter their shape, colour, or size. I look forward to reading more! :)

  2. Looks good dolly, and it was a good choice to go with something a little less offensive.

    I like!

  3. Congrats on the new look!! I love it, good choice!!

    See you sooon xoxo

  4. even though I'm sad to see the pic has changed, I think you've made a good case. The new pic is super cute and appropriate still!

    ps. how did you change your formatting to become wider? I've been trying to figure that out forever! lol

    hope you had an awesome break!

  5. I loooove the new look! You look awesome in that pic its sooo cute. This blog is amazing you're doing such a goood job with it!!!! I know you'll get an internship.... Tell me when and where you do! All the best of luck to you hunny =)

  6. As much I love the old pic, you're right to go with something that won't freak out prospective employers. BUT - just a suggestion - you should consider getting your own domain name if you want to look more professional. Google/blogger will hook you up for ten bucks a year. Not half bad, right? Cost of a latte! Anyways, kudos to all the great posts so far, look forward to reading more.


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