January 19, 2010

the MASK

It may seem difficult to get rid of all the junk in your car, closet or relationships but you can remove it from your face.

Once a week I like to bust out my Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay mask. This mask has burdock extract and a negative electrical charge to extract whatever is trapped in those pores. The dark green colour and thick consistency may be intimidating to some, but once it starts to dry you can feel it working. I purchased mine at select Shoppers Drug Marts for under $13.

Try not to watch anything funny while wearing the mask, as you won't be able to laugh or move your face very much. Now I know how Heidi Montag feels. In about 10 minutes (when the colour has turned light green) rinse the mask off with warm water and you'll be left with skin that has nothing to hide.

Looking like a swamp princess is the new way to get clean.

Shrek won't know what hit him.


  1. Definately need to try this...and see you looking like a swamp lady lol

  2. i'm going to try this too...why is tac always the first to comment?


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