January 4, 2010

Make Me A Mixed Tape Baby

I'm not a music snob.

I'm referring to those people who instantly stop liking a band when they become popular. Those people who want to keep their obscure, precious jewel of a band all to the confines of their personalized headphones.

I believe the whole point of music is for a large group of people to appreciate it. Not just for some too-cool-to-shower-headband-sporting-drenched-in-american-apparel-hipster. No offense.

The music I share depends on my mood. My recommendations may feel like old news for some, while for others I may be introducing you to your next great music love affair. 

I have one of those weekly.

For the person who dances with flailing limbs:
If you haven't heard of them yet, I highly recommend you pay attention. They're called Phoenix and I've been listening to their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on repeat since May. In my car. In my room. In the shower. When the music hits your body, you are overcome with the urge to move. Mismatched socks, in my underwear, hair out of ponytail insanity. 
Try: Lisztomania  

For the heavy-hearted searching for answers: I believe John Mayer's Battle Studies was written for me. Okay not really. I discovered it during a time when I was seeking some closure from a whirlwind something or other that dragged on for what felt like forever, and then ended. Just like that. Battle Studies traipses on the grounds of compromise, not quite break-ups and deciding to define what's in front of you.
Try: Friends, Lovers Or Nothing

For those whose bed is never cold:
There is a band that consists of four 20 year olds from the UK called The XX.   So what? Well, their music kind of sneaks up on you. With a few listens I was entranced by the male and female voices. I'm a sucker for a duet. But this ain't no Sonny and Cher. They hush about all those things that your mother told you not to talk about. 
Try: Heart Skipped a Beat

So that's it. I'm not a music blogger. If you're looking for one, my friend Zack (who recommended me the xx)  well he is pretty much the best when it comes to all things music. If you can think of your favourite band, he's probably photographed their concert. From Kings of Leon to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zack is an expert. Check him out here. 

No hipsters were harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. Hahaha, nice post! I admit, I'm a bit of a music snob, but I see music as inclusive, not exclusive, when it comes to listening and sharing. Good music can come from any band or suggestion, no matter how mainstream the source is.

  2. I definately am not a music snob. Mainstream or not, music is still the same to me. Oh, and Phoenix is definately going to grow on me I can feel it.

  3. hahaha! Really great and funny post! I love Phoenix and I'm off to listen to your John Mayer recommendation right now!

  4. Thanks for Phoenix - I'm always looking for new tunes and this one is def going on my iPod!