January 18, 2010


In PR school there is something called a fatal error. A fatal error is when someone gets a name, organization, or any important information wrong in published work. When made in PR school, this error will slash your mark down to a 60% automatically. In real life, it may destroy an entire campaign, be costly to fix, and may even get you fired.

I've learned from a grueling PR semester that you must always tell the truth, apologize and address the issue. I've also learned that even if my blog posts have errors and I fix them after being published, Google reader does not update my posts right away. Duplicates on reader aren't cool either.

This is pretty frustrating. My sincere apologies to anyone who still sees any sort of error big or small in their reader. It always is fixed on my end. I will be more careful in the future especially now that I know the limitations in online publishing and posting late at night when I'm not thinking as clearly. We're all human and sometimes mistakes happen, but it is the responsibility of the communicator to correct the mistake and make amends.