December 22, 2009

Not an Athlete

I tried to fake sick. *cough cough* I was sure I had a fever. How on earth did I get myself into this? Peter, aka superstar soccer player extraordinaire tried to console me on our car ride. It won't be that bad. Just relax. You're going to do fine. 

I kind of, sort of joined a co-ed soccer team. To put this into perspective, I haven't played soccer since I was a kid, or maybe a teen. I don't have mad skills. All I can do is run. I've been keeping up with my cardio for the past couple of weeks so I wouldn't be a total disaster when I stepped on that field.  

The Verdict? I sucked it up and got myself out there. I got knocked down once and almost twice by the same girl who said, "Oh my gosh I'm sooo sorry! I don't know why I keep doing this?" I know why, because I'm an easy person to knock over who won't do anything back. I'd knock me down too. But I picked myself up and kept going. I didn't score in my own net or trip over my own feet, so all in all I would say that it was a minor success. I'm still learning and I will try my best if needed to play again. I wouldn't be offended if the team decides to go in *ahem* another direction.

But at least I jumped out of my comfort zone, met some new people and got some Tuesday cardio in. Playing on a team is a pretty fun experience, I forgot how easy camaraderie is formed. I'm definitely not an athlete, but this team is pretty awesome. We, or rather they won 5-0. I contributed the best I could, but they're all a bunch of talented superstars. 

Oh and back to my notamodel roots I had my photo taken today. For someone who claims she isn't a model,  I don't know how I keep ending up in these situations. Anyways, it took maybe 300 shots to get a good one. The theme had me on edge. It was all about positive, strong women and I don't think I fit the bill. I know being self-depreciating is not attractive but I can't help it. I guess you never see yourself the way others see you. My photographer, Miss Stefania kept asking me questions like, "Think about where you'll be in 5 years, what you want to accomplish, how far you've come now." Let's just say there were 300 photos of me looking absolutely terrified. Yet once again, I tried my best to think positively and be confident. It's all you can really do in the end.

Fake it till you make it kids.


  1. umm excuse me miss, I hate to break this to you but you are positive and strong! I am also sooo proud of you for going out and playing today. I felt bad I had to miss the game but I knew you would be alright! Can't wait to play with you next week! Welcome to North York United and we are happy to have you :)

  2. Western I am happy u decided to play and I know you had andwill continue to have fun! YOU are part of the team now and we will go in the right direction together, as a team! Continue to be positive and confident, its a key to life, and will help you everyday.
    ps. im glad u have been training for soccer, shows a true champion lol

  3. Amanda, besides kicking the ball out on numerous occasions and not running back to defend (lol).. you did well.

    Coming out was the first step. Now we just have to teach you a couple things. with the right attitude and confidence.. you'll be a 'superstar' too.

    - Mario