December 2, 2009

James Brown said, "GET UP OFFA THAT THING"

Today in the computer lab of my social media class I had an epiphany.

I looked around the room at everyone zoned out at their computer screens. Click. Click. Click. Type. Type. Type. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. You get the picture.

I then realized that my neck kind of hurt and I was sitting sideways on my chair. I wasn't focused on anything but the screen in front of me. I recapped the past few months and thought of how much time I've spent clicking, refreshing, driving, taking notes, typing, watching and resting on my derrière.

I thought, JC (less offensive than the full version but still wrong, sorry Mom) I'm on the path to an early demise. Here I go being all dramatic again but Women's Health Magazine further confirmed my seemingly ridiculous statement. Scary!

It also feels like a million years ago that I decided to set that fitness challenge. The weather is no longer suitable for dog walking. My schoolwork has piled up beyond words. I'm stressed, tired and the last thing I want to do is get off my chair, couch, stool or recliner. I'd even take going to the dentist- because heck I even get to sit there. 

My reasoning is absurd and my body is actually showing me that it doesn't like me.  My sister dared me to pick up her boyfriend the other night. I refused (both out of embarassment- I mean how awkward is that?) and because I know I couldn't do it. She forced us by saying, "Why are you guys getting so awkward? It's not like I'm asking you to kiss!" Anyways, I tried and didn't even get him off the ground.

So today I came home and decided to face the elephant in my basement...the treadmill. All in all it wasn't so bad. I watched an episode of SATC while doing cardio, lunges, squats, weights and sit ups. 

And guess what? My body feels good. I know tomorrow is gonna hurt. But I say give me pain. I'll try to keep at it and give some updates.

Now back to the academic grind.


  1. Good thing you are joining the co-ed soccer team! think of all the running and no sitting you are going to do!

  2. Bah! I still don't know how I agreed to that. lol

  3. hmmm your treadmill almost looks as daunting as mine...
    I've found if I set it in my head that as SOON as I get home I put on my work-out clothes before I even get a chance to sit on my butt and contemplate not doing it, it kinda works!
    TV helps galore as well, but musicals not so much...

  4. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

    Yours is great, and I'm now going to be a regular reader of it.

    Keep in touch!

  5. You agreed because you know it's going to be super fun :) AND you get to spend more time with your #1 blog reader :)

  6. I;m very proud of you!

    My oncologist is very keen on making sure her patients work out, and I sorta got in shit last time I saw her because I wasn't following the rules.

    So since that appointment I've been trying. The thing is, the chemo makes my muscles feel like I've already done 100 hours of working out, and I have no energy, for I've only been doing about 10 minutes on the elliptical. Sounds like not a lot, but I'm exhausted after 2 mins, so pathetic. But it's the chemo, not ME.

    I do feel better once I'm done, even if it's just mentally knowing I did something I didn't want to do. I also throw in some abs and squats and even do calf raises in the shower. (I'm careful not to slip, relax).

    I think it just takes time to make working out part of your routine, and then it becomes second nature and doesn't feel like a chore. Plus, who wants to get fat and soft? Gotta counter act all that sitting :)

  7. proud of you Claudia! if you make an effort to do it, we don't have any excuses. :)

  8. I want to try to pick up Mark! lol

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