December 21, 2009

Glory for Girls

I was delighted when asked to test out Glory for Girls. My desire to find natural products only became a priority for me recently, and I wish someone would have told me about the benefits of healthy products when I was a teenager.

This is why Glory for Girls is such an inspiring beauty line. They feature naturally paraben and sulfate free products for girls at an affordable price. Their formulas are biodegradable, 100% vegan and their packaging comes from recyclable plastics.

Their philosophy:
"Glory for Girls hopes to inspire each and every girl to believe in her unique self and take pride and responsibility for how she looks, how she feels, and how she acts. At work and at play, we follow three guiding principles – be positive, be practical, and be proactive. We apply these in creating products for everyday girls that are fun, fresh, safe and effective." 

My favourite product is the Cherry Lip Balm. The sweet smell of cherries reminds me of my childhood. Also, I enjoy knowing that what goes on my lips isn't laden with preservatives and chemicals.

My sister enjoyed the anti-oxidant filled Coconut Scrub. She liked the pink jojoba beads to slough off her dead skin. The product line also features a natural deodorant and some clarifying products for calming blemishes and impurities. You can also start with the Glory Basics, an everyday essentials starter kit. I've been using the Everyday Body and Face Wash in the shower and its light citrus scent wakes me up.

If you have a special young lady in your life, there is nothing greater than giving the gift of confidence. All products can be purchased online. Glory for Girls will inspire young women to choose products that are good for them and the environment starting from day 1 of their beauty routines. Hopefully these philosophies will stay with them long after they wash their faces or moisturize their lips. 


  1. yes i do like the Glory for Girls products.
    lets get some more free samples from around the globe.