December 5, 2009

A germaphobe seeking soft hands- apply within

There is one item that can be found at every mall, school, purse, bank and glove compartment and that is HAND SANITIZER. 

It seems that everyone has embraced squirting their hands with this jelly like substance at all hours. With the flu on everyone's radar this season, no one (myself included) wants to get sick.

But I've come to despise hand sanitizer. It smells awful, like a vodka shot to be exact and it dries up my hands. Don't even bother with scented ones- they have such a strong stench that you will wish you stuck with the vodka.

My solution: CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer. As my readers know I'm a great fan of natural products and this product doesn't disappoint. This sanitizer is alcohol-free and plant-based and so it won't dry up my hands.  The gobbly goop is also exchanged with an easy to spray formula. Just a few sprays on my hands and I'm germ free, dry and the slight citrus scent is refreshing not over powerful. Best of all I don't have to fan out my palms like an overly excited child.

I purchased mine at Pistachio an eco-friendly gift store that has quickly become one of my new favourite shops. For $6.99 it costs more than your average sanitizer but this one promises 225+ sprays and no headaches.

I much prefer my alcohol in my martini glass anyways.


  1. Christina TacconelliDecember 6, 2009 at 11:49 AM

    Pistachio is such a cool store! They have such cool eco-friendly gadgets

  2. How come no one does the story about the new sanitizers on the market which are alcohol-free? There are new products that kill 3 times the germs, work up to 30 minutes, and they are safer to use than alcohol. This one is my favorite:

  3. What would I do without your blog? Love it and I'm in the market for new hand my scented one is on its last legs. thanks!

  4. Cosmetic products need not always make a person more beautiful. Often, my most valued products are those that clean me up and make me feel fresh! Body wash, body scrubs, and hand sanitizers are among my favourites!

    You've sold me on this sanitizer! Who wouldn't prefer a nice spritz to a gloopy, slippery blob of gel? And it's plant based? Even better!

    Keep up the good work! You are a beauty scout and I value your opinions!

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