November 3, 2009


Oh hello there early mornings, late hours and eggplant coloured bags under my eyes.

The Frump Show is when you really don't have any time to get ready. You wake up late. You had a rough night. You can’t find an outfit to wear. You glance at the clock, scream profanities and run out the door— with one shoe on.

Lately I find myself making many appearances on The Frump Show. Pretty soon they’re going to ask me to co-host.

So here are my tips to looking fresh in a flash:

EYEBROWS When your eyebrows are groomed, your entire face looks more polished. If you find yourself looking like Martin Scorsese, you should do a little tweaking- I mean tweezing.

CONCEALER When I wake up in the morning looking like I've had a throw down with Angelina Jolie circa Mr & Mrs. Smith a little concealer goes a long way.  I personally don’t do the heavy foundation or goopy face paint. My concealer of choice: Boing by Benefit.

PINS, HEADBANDS, PONYS- OH MY Bobby pins and headbands are easy fixes to messy hair. Anything with a bow, jewel or sparkle instantly takes the attention off your face. And who really wants people looking at your face at a time like this?

While these tips are helpful, sometimes you just have to embrace your inner
Frump Show and strut down the street with your frizzy hair, tired eyes and mismatched socks. It takes a brave woman to embrace her natural side (even if it is against her own will).


  1. that picture is 100% ur bathroom... nothing has changed since the Fermo days lol

  2. Boing by Benefit is the glue of my face's world.

    And just a little extension on the eyebrows, which I completely agree 100p, not only should they be tweezed and shaped, but filling them in with a pencil or eyeshadow really polishes a look. So important. Keep em as natural as possible (unless there is only one, then make two), because over tweezing will kill the root and then you're shit outta luck for the rest of your life. No one likes bald brows.