November 16, 2009

That good old new hip mind numbing beat

When I’m happy, sad, anxious or excited- nothing sets my mood aflame like music. It can intensify an emotion, a moment or a memory. But you already knew that.

I’m always on the lookout for the next great band or song that will affect me physically. You know, those songs that hurt your heart, give you goose bumps or just make you smile. Chocolate may provide some with endorphins, I say give me music.

Today’s pick: Portugal. The Man Their style can only be described as indie-soul-alternative-good-for-a-long-drive-in-your-car-music. Their album The Satanic Satanist brings a wide array of emotionally charged song lyrics and strong vocals. It's all about the voice for me. You can have a great band, but if I can't connect with the voice- the rest gets drowned out.

I’m definitely not a music critic but my ears know what they like.

I dare you to give them a listen- I'd love to hear your favourite bands, songs or artists of the moment!

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