November 26, 2009


Getting my photograph professionally taken can be one of the most disarming, awkward and out of body experiences I've ever encountered.

An intimate space is broken. You feel exposed. The bright flash and close lens mock you. I don't know how to pose. My face is not meant to be photographed that close up, I know that. I wonder if even the great beauties, models and muses ever felt nervous in front of a camera? Although it is scary, once you relax it is a little bit thrilling especially if you have a good person taking the photo.

I've been photographed before by THE Stefania Sgambelluri, one of my best friends. But this time I offered to help out my sister's boyfriend's sister Melissa DiPasquale (who also happens to have the same name as my sister but with no family relation) Confused yet?

Actually, we became friends online through our respective blogs. Melissa also mentioned my blog to her beautiful, interesting and superhero best friend Claudia and we in turn began checking out eachother's online work!

All in all, I finally got to meet both of my online friends last night for red velvet cupcakes and marvelous manicures. 

So Melissa took my portrait worked some photoshop magic and even wrote a too sweet blog post about me. So if you're curious once again how a non-model shapes up against the harsh lens check it out here.

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Melissa's photography (which includes the definitely-could-be-a-model Claudia) is fantastic.

You'll be seeing her photos for years to come. xo


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! You're so silly!

  2. You of all people should have zero problems taking pictures! You look amazing, as always!

  3. You are too too nice. I'm so glad we all got to hang out. I hope you got your work done too!

    Trust me, we should split the credit down the middle. Melmarie (embrace it!) is going to have her chance soon enough..

  4. Oh you're far too sweet. I think you look beautiful, and there is NO face that isn't meant to be shot up close.

    After being photographed for years, I realized that we just don't perceive ourselves the way others do, and it's hard to look at your own image because we just can't accept it's what we look like. But I like being able to see myself through the eyes of other people, and trust me, overtime, you just get used to it and start to feel a little more comfortable with yourself.

    Thanks for the shout outs, and please come over anytime for free nail painting. Really!


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