November 22, 2009


Dear Sunday,

Here is a round-up of some notable things I partook in over the weekend.

Please let the weekdays fly by.

Yours truly, xo

Museum Memories: On Friday I went with some PR lovelies to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). We went to see the Vanity Fair Exhibit. The photographs range from vintage photos to modern day celebrity shots. The exhibit features beautiful, interesting, iconic people such as  Princess Diana, Robert Deniro, Aldous Huxley and Madonna to name a few. It is interesting to see who they chose to feature. You are not allowed to take photographs so you'll just have to go check it out yourself.  Note to self: somehow end up in Vanity Fair magazine, photographed or editorial. Dream big. 
Beyond the exhibit we also went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and the dinosaurs. The scrolls were interesting but also a bit unnerving. I mean there are scrolls that can predict the apocalypse and I won’t even watch 2012. The dinosaurs were awesome but scary. Jurassic Park was not my favourite movie as a child. Spielberg scared the childhood snot out of me.
New Moon: Dare I say that I’m a converted Twilight fan? Okay, that may be going a bit too far but New Moon actually kept me interested and rooting for Team Jacob, wait no Team Edward, wait no.

Overall the movie feeds into your little bits of secret fears  and delights. Unrequited love, danger, rejection, fantasy, death and friendship. 
I will still point out some problems. Brief Spoiler alert. When Edward leaves Bella she goes into a deep depression for months. She gives up her friends, eating, and even partakes in dangerous acts. I think it is absolutely fantastic that we are telling young girls that it is justifiable to completely give up your life because your boyfriend leaves you. Lame.

Twilight also preaches this idea of holding out for “one true love” no matter what. I’m no school guidance teacher but this can either be refreshing or very problematic. I mean is it realistic to wait for someone like Edward Cullen to sweep you off your feet? Is it healthy to teach girls that it is fine to always go back to someone despite danger or common sense. I feel sorry for the non-vampire pre-pubescent boys of today trying to land a date to the school dance. Ouch.

My two analytical points aside (sorry my media studies degree will not cease to poke its ugly head out at all times) the movie is actually quite good. The acting is better. The budget is bigger giving us better special effects. I especially loved the werewolves. Their presence on screen was more interesting than a bunch of pale vampires pouncing around. Oh and the last question Edward asks Bella leaves you wanting more even if you hated the entire movie.

The movie also has a insanely good soundtrack. Artists like Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, OK Go and Muse lend their musical talents to this money making blockbuster.

I don’t think I’ll start reading the series or searching for boys who sparkle in the sun. But if you have any small interest in the Twilight saga I would check it out.

Team Edward wait Team Jacob. Oh nevermind.

Window Shopping: The various window displays for Holt Renfrew are beautifully strange. They leave me with a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I mean swan headed people and snowman heads? I get the "heeby jeebs" but I still can’t look away and I want more. Oh give me more. 
How was your weekend? Only 9 or so hours till Monday. Ick!


  1. hehehe, wonderful and funny post! I couldn't agree with you more about the whole New Moon analysis hurting young girls perception of "true love" and the poor young guys nowadays. It made me laugh. ...although I must admit I'm a romantic at heart, so it does make me feel good to see happily ever after, even though it may not really exist for a lot of people in real life.

  2. u WOULD write about the harming effects of Twilight lol.. although very valid points.
    I feel myself becoming a twihard.
    Movies tonight? hahah

  3. u WOULD write about the harming effects of Twilight lol.. although very valid points.
    I feel myself becoming a twihard.
    Movies tonight? hahah