November 28, 2009

Oh Daisy, don’t we all wish we were as silly as you

The indicator of a great writer is their ability to connect with today's readers even their work stems from a time or era that has vanished.

I easily fell in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. It was recommended to me on a first date and my infatuation with Gatsby lasted longer than my interest in the boy. Fitzgerald captured the essence of the twenties while commenting on class divisions, luxury, desire, love and the tragedy that follows it all.

A notable quote:  “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired." –Nick Hornby, The Great Gatsby.   

We are broken into four categories. It is easy to find yourself in any one of these positions. I’ve been pursued, I’m testing the waters of pursuing, I’m always busy and lately I am lost in a cyclone of constant fatigue.

Everyday I wake up and ask my imaginary butler (Alfred/Jeeves/Martin whatever cliché butler name I desire) "May I have a tall glass of motivation with a side of super sonic energy? Hold the exhaustion. Oh and one bowl of positive pudding please." 

While this isn’t the most inspirational quote I’ve added to my blog roll I still find it relevant. Rather than looking at this quote as dismal and negative there is something to be learned from each position. The pursuit of anything in life (person, dream, idea, hope) is an inner challenge- a quest to see if you can actually reach your goal. The same goes for being pursued- it can be moving, shocking and flattering regardless of what is coming after you (job hunter, admirer etc.) and you have to decide to accept the proposal or not.

Lastly, being busy and tired are simple facts of life. In the end we will complain when we are bored and we will complain when we are ass backwards exhausted.

I believe you will know if your pursuit is in line with what your really searching for. Giving up and giving in to negativity will not benefit anyone. I'm trying to take my own advice. As long as what brings us to our knees in tears of tiredness is due to our inner pursuit of some sort of positive goal it may all be worth it. We can sleep when we’re old.

Special shout out to all of my PR classmates who are busy, tired and hoping the pursuit of a career will be well worth it. 

So I ask what category do you find yourself in lately?


  1. I am definately in all of the above categories. I should also be the poster-child for not giving in, as should you be (refer to chaotic school situations)

  2. I love the quote lol
    We are always pursuing something no matter what stage of life we are in, a first job, a girl, a raise, a new adventure, etc...i believe that when we stop pursing 'something' we have nothing to motivate us, nothing to look forward to, nothing to 'want' anymore...everyone at one pt in their life has been persued, buy a school, by a sports team, job, girl, etc and the outcomes include Big decisions for u to make...and there is no time to be tired if you are pursuing something u really want, u should, however, be busy is finding ways or busy doing something to make what u r persuring a reality!
    good job with the blog! (i like hte quote referencing lol)

  3. Gatsby is my all time favourite novel and F Scott Fitzgerald, my favourite author. Interesting blog. I believe the end result is merely trivial than to the experiences we take part in while being pursued or in pursuit of a goal.
    Gatsby dreams of being with Daisy,it's his goal. His hard work at becoming wealthy, was merely a means to 'get' her. However being so caught up in the pursuit of the goal i.e. Daisy, he turns from a gentleman into a corrupt, character.
    Like Gatsby, we must long and work hard for that goal (if we really want it.) But in our pursuit of that goal we must ensure we don't 'pull a Gatsby' and become enthralled in a dizzying world, whereby in the end we are destroyed in the pursuit of the goal.
    Read 'Tender is the Night' by Fitzgerald, you'll love it.