November 5, 2009


Go hug your mom. 

As aforementioned, I'm not a fan of celebrating things, people or ideas just on designated holidays.

So why wait till May to show your mom you care? I came home last week with surprise flowers for my mom. They were plain Mums (no pun intended) and granted from the grocery store- but they were my small gesture to her. 

I'll admit that I can be a HUGE BRAT to my mother. Scratch that and think of a better word that starts with a B. Now scratch that and choose any other word you want.

Okay, I'm not that terrible, but I can be super moody in the morning. I take her for granted. I mumble answers to her many questions.

And do you know what she does? She still makes me a tea, packs me a lunch and asks me about my day. She still tells me I look nice when I get dressed up and she listens to me. My mom wants me to succeed and be happy more than anyone in this world. (You too Dad)

So while DVF is inspirational, I'll give you a quote from my own Mama Bear saved from an e-mail when I used to live away from home:

"Best life advice I can give you is...DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE NOT TODAY OR EVER...your looks, your ideas, your opinions are unique and belong only to you. You own all of it."

At only 4ft11 my mom definitely doesn't have the stature of a model. However, this vintage photo of her in Rome, Italy proves otherwise: