November 1, 2009

If Your Dog is FABULOUS Raise Your Hand, If Not Raise Your Standards

It’s time for a status update on my fitness challenge.

To be honest, I haven’t exactly been meeting or exceeding the expectations I set out for myself.

Cardio? Nope. Strength training? Nope. Hot yoga? Nope. 

So what exactly have I been doing for the past few weeks since I set this tedious goal?

Well for one, walking my dog.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my dog BAILEY. Or as my sister has named him: Bailey Milo Horton. Ridiculous right?

Bailey is a 6 month old Shihpoo. He enjoys liver treats, biting my favourite shoes (R.I.P black leather bow flats and suede ankle boots) and cuddling with each member of my family. He has a kind temperament and isn’t one of those god awful yapper dogs. Ugh nothing is worse than a yappy dog.

It does help that he is pretty. Oh so pretty.

Lately, the only exercise I’ve been getting is walking Bailey. I bundle up and we set off into the great suburban sidewalks. He sniffs, explores and kisses life on the mouth. I look forward to our walks. After a long stressful day at school and a tiring commute home- the last thing my body should do is sit down in front of a computer or on a couch. Bailey gets my lazy ass on my feet. I can clear my head, breathe some fresh air and see the world through his eyes. Bailey gives me a new perspective on my stresses. After our walk my homework and troublesome woes do not seem that unmanageable.

So I haven’t completely ditched my fitness goal- I’ve just found an alternative method of getting on my feet. I’l let you know how the rest comes along!

Do you have a pet? Do you enjoy fall walks?

Bailey would love to hear your comments!


  1. AWWW BAILEYYYYYYY...he is too cute

  2. Bails finally made it to the blog!!... lovee the blog but my love for the little man may trump it, sorry!
    Baileys snuggling next to me as I speak.

  3. I met your dog once, when you first got him. I almost squished him to death, but I didn't. He's a sweetie pie.

    Walking SAVES. Keep up the walking and you'll be fine. It's good for you, your dog, and your ass. And heart. Can't beat that.

    I live on your street some stop by and I'll come walk too. I got bad bones and need more IMPACT ACTIVITY. Bring your sister, her walk makes me die of laughter. She knows what I'm saying.